Saturday, September 10, 2016

Self Freedom: Hood Life: (Unedited): 10 Sept 2016:

Freedom from your enslaved mindset begins with your first self inspired thought being realized. 
As soon as you realize that you are capable of creative thinking without outside control or restraint. Everything about your present and future shall change if you continue to be brave and to prove your courage of self existence. Your right to exist and your right to freely think is all yours. Unless to give it all away or allow it to be squelched and controlled. Sometimes you just have to stand up even if it is for the last time.
Freedom is gained when you put into action your self inspired thoughts into realized self empowerment. 
Enslavement shall never be possible for anyone who is self realized, self inspired and self empowered.
Enslavement begins with the control over the thoughts of your own mind. A slave is not free thinking. Which is why,
The majority of young people who have lived the hood life take the mentality of the hood life with them when seeking a better life away from the dangers of hood life.
Hood life is a very dangerous trap. Down here in Florida. Transplanted hoodlums who did their very best to escape the dangerous traps of the hood life. Brought the traps with them. I hear parents all of the time say how good their children are and then are repeatedly arrested. The parents who fled the hood from where ever they came from. Brought the hood mentality with them. What do you think is going to happen when your kids lie and steal and continue to lie and deny? Where did your good kids learn this? By your permission. When you say your children are good. You do not mean good in the Biblical sense. You mean just good at being bad. Then when your children whom you rescued from those bad people up in the northern hood. Only go to school to socialize and to eat food. What do you think will become of your adult children as you declare the educational system failed in their education. This is a lie. It wasn't the educational system that failed to educated your children. It was you who failed to express the importance of education to your children. This is why your children will be worse off than you. I'm just a janitor who became one at 49 Years of age. Do you really think a 49 year old becomes a minimum wage janitor because they made the right decisions in life? Or a minimum wage stock person in a retail store? or in my case both?
The laws and traditions of the world which declare you as a servant, slave or a lesser human being. Becomes worthless when you are self realized, self inspired and self empowered. 
You are a human being. Your value as a human being can only be made by you and agreed upon by you. This goes in the same line as how I believed as a young person that I was dumb, stupid and retarded. After all I had an IQ of about 70. I knew my value as a human being and I wasn't worth educating. I new my value as an adopted member of a family. The words of my adoptive mother still ring in my head at times and even now as I write this. "We should have never adopted you". So I knew I was not worthy of love or acceptance. I can go on and on with my own negative memories as I can self torture myself with them. Foster Care in two states and the various abuses I had to endure.
Even though I write poorly and speak even worse. That my message still gets out. So as long as you my readers only take the positive messages out of what I write. It is all your free choice to take what you do.    
Yes, yes, Listen to the words of this song. Feel it and then choose to change you. You are truly awesomely beautiful and of great value. You are a divine creation of the God of Love.
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