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Amos 6 Prophetic Sign: Plus More: (Unedited): 10-14 Sept 2016:

Need to research and get facts on what the Baptist southern convention Churches taught in the summer of 2001. Going by memory. I think Amos was being taught during the weeks or months prior to 09/11/2001. First Baptist Church of Abbeville, Al. Need to get information on what the Southern Baptist Churches is teaching or has taught during the summer of 2016.
Research the possibility of God communicating through the Southern Baptist Church without them even being aware of it.  
Could Southern Baptist Churches be the last of the organized religions to maintain their righteousness? By actively honoring God through the rejection of all sin?
In the Bible. Where God has warned a nation or people. That there will be death and destruction. How much time typically elapsed between the First warnings and the last warning and the actual doomsday events? 
Sign of Judgement.
The day of the Lord comes.
The prophets of Israel and of New Israel (USA) must pray, fast, repent and become a righteous people in the agreeing eyes of God only.
--------OOOPs Breaking Gods Rules are ya?-----
-----Bad News China Corp----
Unable to locate website for Luxembourg Space Telecommunication S.A.
Is this a non existent and legal fictitious company in order for China to purchase
unable to access from the USA
Looks like screwball business dealings from China
---------Blah Blah Blah------
I am not including all of the regretful reporting of this sad loss.
Xinwei Technology Group
Xinwei Technology Group
Luxembourg Space Telecommunication S.A.
Luxembourg Space Telecommunication S.A.
The Original source of inspiration is her.
My Comment on her video: Which was deleted. I included links. Sometimes that is automatic deletion. I think I will be writing about this. You will will my source of inspiration. Beginning research now. I think this is a prophetic sign. For the USA as the original name of the USA is either New Israel or New Jer-USA-lem. Remember this? Who was the arse? is it related to your comment about exiting rear of plane?
Amos 5 Israeli Satellite Lost communications. 
I now believe this is an unseen sign from God unrecognized by everyone. 
How do you lose communications with God?
How many communications related words are in the Bible Amos 5?
Is this directly tied to the actions of the USA and Marriage? I think so, nearly certain.
Offensive content warning. WARNING!!! WARNING!!!
Added on 12 Sept 2016: In relation to the book of Amos chapters 1 and 2.
What are the 3 or 4 major transgressions  against God. That the Americans have committed? When I say Americans. I do mean all of us. This is because we collectively agree upon those elected who are suppose to serve the common American citizen. So what ever becomes laws and rights are all of our collective faults.
You list the transgressions and their years.
If you read all of Amos. What do you think God is going to do to the churches or those places we humans define as holy places. Where all forms or religious transgressions occur.
Can you list three or four transgressions and their years? 
Other signs that Jesus is coming. Just watch it. It is worth 2 minutes and 8 seconds.
For advance Biblical Teachings: Yes, I do mean advanced. If your not at that level or desire to get to that level. this is the Guy. Dr. Joseph Cerreta.
When I include any outside source into any of my writings. You must assume that those outside persons, groups or organizations may or will have zero agreement in anything that I have ever written.
I'm not a prophet. I'm too deeply flawed of a human being to be one of them. I do not receive phone calls, text messages or emails from God. Which would be interesting as I do not have a cell phone. I have not looked up into the sky and seen any kind of neon sign's from God.
I just write possibilities and probabilities as I see them, read them, understand them and pray upon them. Prophets are given direct messages from God in which the prophet is not confused as to the origin of the messages, the purpose of them or the direction the prophet is to go. Once the prophets purpose or mission is complete. He or she becomes just like everyone else.
Prophets of Doom: (Unedited): 13 Sept 2016:
 Prophets of doom shall come into your life when you have long forgotten the mentors you have rejected. 
The word use of "you" means not just you individually. But, also your family, city, state, nation and planet. If you or any other entity continues on in their sinful ways. They will find extinction. Extinction of self of family of city of nation or of planet.
The prophets of drastic and imminent doom come just before you have been judged. You will become a person who is still physically living but has had the freedom to change into a good person taken away from you. Even without your awareness or agreement.
Living Judgement: (Unedited): 13 Sept 2016:
Living Judgement means. There is no hope for your salvation. After, you have already rejected mentors, messengers and prophets who have come to you. The living judgement also means the ability of you to freely choose to repent has been taken away.
Prophets Shall: (Unedited): 13 Sept 2016:
You shall not silence, subdue or slay any of the prophets of God. Doing so shall invite destruction and death upon you, your family and all of your people. 
Miracles have always surrounded those who were the genuine representatives of God. When they begin to manifest their time as has been decided by only God. You will not be able to harm them without direct and most likely immediate retaliation from God. A God who is perfectly righteous. A God who is perfectly Just. It matters not if your in agreement or your feelings get seriously hurt. Know this, If you are in close proximity to  any of the coming ones of God and you have sin, hate or evil doings in your heart. You will not even have to do the dead. As those sinful, evil and hateful thoughts will be grounds enough for immediate discipline from God as He so does it in whatever manor He chooses.
This is also a warning for the churches who will suffer the certain chapters in Amos.
===Purple Words===
This is how you avert most bad and sad prophecies. 
To love one another. 
To live in peace with all. 
 To exist in harmony with everything.
To revere and cherish all life. 
To obey/honor the Laws of God.
To become the holy and righteous people as The Heavenly Father intended us all to be.
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