Friday, September 16, 2016

Blind Obedience: Martyrdom Joy: Greater Quality: (Unedited): 15 Sept 2016:

Blind obedience gains a person virtually no wisdom or understanding. Except for the saving or profiting for the benefit of the self.
While a person who freely decides to do good has done so based on their wisdom and understanding. Even though they may lose their own life and/or lose their wealth.
A robot blindly obeys all of it's instructions or programming code. A robot does not know good or evil. It just obeys. Their is no wisdom or understanding neither is there a need to want wisdom or understanding.
Human beings and even of animals. Learn and Know wisdom and understanding. I understand if I place my hand on a hot stove. Serious pain will result.
To force a person to obey or to die. Causes that person to learn nothing except how to save their own life. A person who is forced to obey becomes an instant mindless slave or robot. Absolutely dependent on those who tell it what and when to do it.
With the exercise of free will and free choice. That person learns much knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Even if it will cost that person their wealth or life.
All of the quality, meaning and purpose in life a slave will ever have is what comes from those who rule over the slave.
Martyrdom Joy: (Unedited): 16 Sept 2016:
By creating great enduring misery in life for the slave. The slave will learn to yearn for the day that they will be selected to know the joy of martyrdom. 
Martyrdom Joy #2: (Unedited): 16 Sept 2016:
The joy of martyrdom is freedom from a life of misery, sadness and pain.
The great misery you endure in life comes from those who rule over you. Do you not think that if they wanted for you to have any sort of life with any kind of satisfaction or joy. Then could give it to you or allow you to experience. Instead those who rule over you pass the blame to them and those in that far away land. Those who are less than us and who are less than dogs. They are the barbarians who have caused all of your misery. While at the same time those who rule over you only offer one way for any kind of joy, satisfaction and happiness. That is through the joy of holy Martyrdom. Have you not seen in the eyes of those who were selected for the great honor of Martyrdom, joy and satisfaction of being selected? While hoping that they will be self worthy enough to go through with the holy mission of righteous martyrdom. This is the only way for an Islamic person to ever know peace. For all of their joy, satisfaction shall end when their blood flows into the streets. While what meaning and purpose they had in that brief period of time has been transferred to those who rule and profit over all of your deaths.
The misery, sadness and pain you desire to free yourself from. Can come through escape from the enslavement of your spirit, mind and body. You have worth and importance in this life. Purpose and meaning does not have to come through hatred, anger, violence, destruction and death. These are anti God. God wants for all of us to express life with love, peace, harmony. God wants for all of us to cherish life as something of great value.
Greater Quality: (Unedited): 16 Sept 2016:
Greater is the quality of life, meaning of life and purpose of life for the person who can freely and willfully choose to do good things.  
1). What is good? Only God. We can only learn good from God.
We all can emulate good to the best of our own unique abilities. 
2). What is good? Love, Peace, Harmony and life. The laws of God assists us into seeing and maintaining good through our own abilities for self control and self discipline.
Yes, the laws of God are absolute. But, they reflect the gift of our free will. This is why when we each fracture any of the laws of God we are not instantly dead. This is why I do not believe that God wants slaves. Slaves do not learn on their own. Slaves do not grow up to become responsible and dependable human beings. Slaves do not become self sufficient to a degree as defined by only God. Only those who have a free spirit, free mind and a free body can become the most it can be as only God can define it.
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