Saturday, September 17, 2016

Protestors End: Loudest Warrior: (Unedited): 15 Sept 2016:

Hatred, anger and violence in the hearts and minds of the protestors. Shall end with more injustice, more social inequality and more suffering.
No matter the environment you are in. When all of the common persons and their family members refuse to participate in any Government. That Government will instantly lose all power and authority instantly.
When the protestors go out into the public with hatred, anger and violence being expressed. All persons even indirectly related to the subject matter of the protest. Will all experience more social injustice, mores social inequality and more suffering.
Any evil Government which cause chaos, inequalities and injustices. They all want the protestors to act out in vengeance and violence. For they will win by wanting and needing more men and more weapons and more laws to prevent any organized groupings. The evil continues to win and becomes more hunger for more power. Thus, they must create more and more hardship, suffering, misery. While at the same time blaming another group.
=How Protests should be done=
With love, peace, harmony and all life respected and cherished. Those who express any hatred, anger, chaos or any expression of destruction or death. Should be convinced otherwise. If they cannot then they must be excused. With love and peace escorted out.
The group shall come together and express only a welcoming openness. The group shall care for the men and women whose only purpose is to separate and divide. Even if there primary purpose is to protect those who are being protested against.
The leaders of the group shall invite the leaders of the police as well as those being protested against for all meetings, meals, dancing, singing, prayers and meditations. The leaders of the police will want to sit in on your meetings as it will be important tool for the gathering of intelligence in their plans against your activities. Or will it? If there is nothing to plan against. Then what?
Loudest Warrior: (Unedited): 15 Sept 2016:
As chaotic thinking and emotional turmoil erupts. The warriors which quietly sit makes the loudest impact. 
About only 10% of the entire human population are genuine warriors. It matters not what tribe, people or nation (Ethnos). The genuine warriors are truly more related to one another then they are to any other groups of people. They are often very well known within their own communities. The warrior who has been blessed with great wisdom and then sits quietly while fanning flames of chaos is stirring. Is a genuine sign for the people to imitate.
Great Common Wind: (Unedited): 17 Sept 2016:
When all of the common peoples refuse to participate in the world systems designed for and favors the chosen few. All of the world systems shall cease. The rulers, emperors, presidents, kings and dictators will all become powerless and their words becomes like hot tea vapors in a great common wind. 
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