Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Righteous Trail X4: Forced Hunger: (Unedited): 19-21 Sept 2016:

I have to write even when I don't want to. To be obedient to the words to the best of my ability. In the hopes that the readers will discover the true meaning and intentions of the words I do write in my best uneducated way as possible. I have come to the realization that the purpose of my writing is for those who are gifted in writing.
Traveling on the righteous trail less traveled means you will encounter more prickly thorns and more tangling briar patches from the world. 
Have you ever walked on any trail less traveled by any other human being. It is not very comfortable. The walk is not very easy as there will be uncertain footing and moving stones. There may be thorny vines in your way as well as hanging and slithering critters. You may get sweaty or uncomfortably cold, You may get dirty and tear your clothing. You may remain hungry and thirsty.
If your your walk is contrary to how the disciples of Jesus suffered and died. You may need to re-evaluate your faith. Especially, where sin is welcomed and celebrated.
You must always focus more on God and of Heavenly things when you freely decide to travel on the righteous trail of the lonely walk.
The righteous trail can be very treacherous and you may lose your life after much suffering. This may be your call to be a martyr of God. To be able to express love, peace, harmony and life. While under sever threat. Then just before the breath of life leaves your body. You can still express love and forgiveness. By keeping your focus only upon God and of heavenly things. You will be able to hold onto the truths while sever pain is continually inflicted upon you. By remaining righteous and holy in the eyes of God only. Will you be rewarded greater than any other. For even as Jesus died after severe pain. He still loved and as he gave up the ghost. He forgave. To live as Jesus had, to be as Jesus was and to become like Jesus is. Is the way the truth and the life eternal.
Walking the righteous trail is never as lonely as the person who has never walked it seems to think it is. 
The one who has never walked upon the righteous trail. can see the dangers, the risks, the unsafe situations. They can see movements in the shadows and hear strange vicious animals within the loneliness of that mysterious trail. This is why the few who get onto the righteous trail remain on it for any time. Because, From the righteous trail you still see and hear the parties, the cheering of a winning sports team, The seductions of smiling beautiful women and of manly men manliness. You can experience the speedy thrills which always happen in the world of concrete and steel. There is never a dull moment in the world away from God. Even to the point where God no longer exists. Until you become your own god.
One is never alone when God is with us/me. When you and Emanuel are on that trail of righteousness. You shall never be alone.
A good father is always close by when the child must do a thing which will guarantee growth and maturity. Even if the child falls off of the bike or takes a big UN-welcomed gulp of water.  Something is always learned. especially, when the child gets back on the bike or jumps into the water again. Still the father is there. It is the same with your heavenly father who is Emanuel to us all. God is with us and God is in us and God is all around us. God Is. When you do feel like you are alone. Know those feelings of loneliness do go away when you spend the correct amount of time in the Bible, in prayer, in meditation and in fasting. Always repent and remain on the righteous path.
Forced Hunger: (Unedited): 21 Sept 2016:
Forced hunger while walking upon the righteous trail. May not be a suffering discipline forced upon you. Being hungry may be God calling you for a fast, a talk and a listen.
 Many of the righteous people do become hungry. Do not see this in any kind of negative light. Do not see your hunger as a curse or some sort of discipline of sin. If you are righteous, holy and are on the righteous trail which was created by God your heavenly father. Always know that you are his beloved child and God will not give you rocks and stones to eat and drink. A loving God who is your Heavenly father may just desire to talk with you in Heavenly power. In heavenly power the body must be physically tried. Your mindset, your attitude, You humility and your understanding will go a long way in the successful deliverance of the message and or mission. What are you will to give to be like Christ? How much are you willing to give to be as Christ was? So in hunger discipline yourself and ready your whole selfless self. Eat the Bible, Pray in tears of blood, mediate with sweat of blood. Know, know, know. By shedding yourself you become more that you are.
In no circumstance am I indicating for anyone to ever harm themselves or anyone else. The expression of love, peace, harmony and life is in their most purest form.
The use of hunger is one in which you are not in control of. If you are not in control of the food you have or do not have. Then it could be a sign for you to read the Bible, pray, meditate and contemplate.
You may also be one of the selected righteous souls of the Heavenly Father who has ordained for you to be that witness to how the church no longer cares for those who are the most needy. You may even be disabled to a degree which guarantees you helplessness in this life. The church which does not express love, mercy and compassion shall suffer more than you. This also include those in attendance. because, to them you are their Christ and when their faith is empty and they are apathetic of your plight. Do not think they do unto you. They do unto Christ Because it is Christ who is in you and works through you. Just do as Steven and as Christ. Love and forgive.
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