Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In favor of Evil: (Unedited): 30 August 2016:

Being in favor of or voting for the lesser of two evils. Still means your in favor of or voting for evil.
Lies and deceptions are always surrounding everyone. It is these which enslaves us all. It is also these which creates possibilities and probabilities for all of us to decide in favor of those who create and perpetuate all of the lies and deceptions we know or think we know as truth's.
There is great fear within the Christian community. To cause the perceived the greater evil to fail. That to choose the lesser of two evils is the only choice. These are all lies. Why and how?
The largest voting block and the largest group of reasonable citizens are the Christians. If the Christians all voted together in a unified front. Honor, respect, Integrity will be restored to the United States in about 12 years or less.
As far as prophecy is concerned. It has been pretty much determined that the United States has moved away from the safety and protections of God. There has been warnings from God to cause all of us to return back to Him. So far the people of the America has collectively decided not to.
The only way to return back to God is for everyone to collectively decide to become holy and righteous by the accepting eyes of God. So far the American people have been in favor of evil for the last 56 or so years. How much more will God exercise his patience for all of us? Will there be that last abortion in which the dripping blood of an innocent baby enrages God to act out? You need to know everything that God does and doesn't do is absolutely righteous, fair and just.
maybe you should get back into the Bible and see for yourself what has happened to Israel every time they forsaken-ed God and forgot His commands. They lost everything. They were enslaved. They were subjugated. They even lost their identity. What will happen to Americans? What will happen to Christians? You probably should pray that you become qualified to be selected by God to become one of the remnant to be raptured. Assuming the rapture is not a false teaching.
Here are the most likely steps to becoming accepted by God.
By your own free choice and of your own desires. You decide to do these things without any fears, intimidation's or threat's.
1). You thirst for the Bible and to remain within it daily. You also have a history of being in the Bible.
2). You pray and meditate on God often if not always. You also have a history of doing this.
3). You actively fast on a regular basis. You also have a history of this.
4). You actively flee and reject all sin.  You have a history of this.
5). You spirit has become humble and quiet.
6). Plus all of the other things which identify what a Christian used to be. When they truly followed
      Jesus Christ.
Added on 12 Oct 2016:
Last chance to vote for righteousness. Last chance for all of the churches to come together to conduct a write in Presidential vote for a singular agreed upon righteous candidate. Then every weekend until voting day. You must encourage all of the Christian family to go forth and vote for the one with character, respect, honesty, decency and honor. This must happen right now. For all of your own safety and security and way of life is at stake. You must know and understand the USA is not in the end times prophecy and everyone knows that we are in the end times prophecy. So the USA must come to a complete ending and will that be with the remaining time of an arrogant President, or with a selfish superior racist manipulator in Clinton or with a business Disrespectful and racist man who follows Apollo as his god? Can you vote for evil? or the other two choices of lesser evils. One is for expanded gay rights and the other is in favor of abortion. NO CANDIDATE qualifies for a Christian vote. All of the candidates are actually against Christianity in some form or in some degree. So what do you do? How much are you willing to risk pastors? Are you willing to go to jail in order to save this Country? Are you willing to lose everything in order to bring this country back underneath the protections of God Jehovah? Because, if any of those candidates win. You, we and me will suffer along with the other Americans decision of a new president. It is the way it works in this country. The Christians didn't go out and vote and we all had to endure president Obama. Get it yet? Except this next president. Will God approve of her or him? if not then any coming discipline will affect us all.
I hope you can find your God approved righteousness. Because, the countdown has already begun. What is in store for you, us and me? That can only be determined by God. I've decided to remember the beauty of this moment. Oh yea, Work on that God approved righteousness, holiness and the Jesus thing. This is Jonah and Nineveh kind of seriousness or will it be worse than it was for Sodom and Gomorrah? Both are possible but only one is probable and that is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Your turn Pastors.  
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