Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wolf Feast: Refreshed Wolf: (Unedited): 29 Aug 2016:

The wolf without respect, mercy or remorse devours the elements/sacraments of Christ as it was a feast to savor. 
The wolf will always be refreshed in the Baptismal pool in anticipation of receiving fried chicken, baked beans and sweet tea.
In many different cultures. A new birth of a child is celebrated. In the south a new life can be celebrated with fried chicken, baked beans and sweet tea. In other cultures it is similar except with their own preferred foods.
So to is the new child which comes up out of the water. The new child of  Christ. The new brother and sister to other believing Christians. This should always be a time of rejoicing, of accepting this new Christian as a new member of the family. The responsibility is for everyone. To teach and to correct the new Christian out of the old sinful nature and into a new clean spiritual nature.
Unfortunately, This is also how the wolves get in. The wolf will lie and deceive. The wolf will act and pretend to be what it is not. After all, All a wolf has to do is keep his /her true identity separate from their Christian character that they portray. Even a wolf needs to feel some acceptance and happiness a few hours a week. While the rest of the wolf's week is spent in the jungles of the world systems. It's a dog eat dog world. Isn't it?
The wolf also knows that if he pays a greater admission also knows as tithes to his chosen church. That the church will support him and forgive him as he continues on in his evil worldly ways. It is almost like the wealth a worldly wolf brings into the church is of superior importance than the old woman with two mites.
The character of the wolf is to be as it is. While the newly birthed Christian. Needs to nurse on the Bible stories. Needs to become acquainted with the basics of an active prayer life. Needs to be directed and escorted on the Christian path. Needs to become acquainted with the concept of fasting.  Needs to learn the importance of becoming a righteous and holy person as only can be recognized by God. All without growing the weeds of pride, ego and arrogance.
As with any new baby? Who is responsible for the care of the baby? Who is responsible for the raising of the baby? Who is responsible for the education of the baby?

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