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Political Triggers: (Unedited): 13 Aug 2016:

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I'm very displeased with the politics of humanities various belief systems. Which seem to be all based in many various forms of deception.

The political system has always been the trigger to great and mighty fires. The last human trigger to rise up shall grow a weapon which shall spread fire and death all across the globe. In their victory and conclusive peace they shall celebrate as the last remaining human beings die off. Extinction.

As of August 2016. China is now the official trigger to the extinction of humanity on this planet. The trigger is not what is dangerous. It is the action which causes the trigger to cause an event. If you have read my writings you know I think that China is the trigger. The biggest danger is that force, group, beings or people who put the squeeze on the trigger. The trigger can only do what it is designed and engineered to do.
There is still hope for us all. Though becoming more and more improbable everyday. Extinction is our future and our extinction is our fault. It is only the common peoples who can avert extinction. This must be done through non participation in any security, para- military police or military force. Then each common person must begin to live by example. Which means the purple words I have written many many times.
Love one another.
Live in Peace with everyone.
Exist in Harmony with all things.
Revere all life.
Obey the laws of God.
Chinese Leadership.  Your All In? Aren't You?
Truth and revelation is the answer. The words in purple is the answer above.
Just as what the old Soviets has brought and caused the world to be, shall be paid for by the Russians of today. All of what the Russian's perceive as threats is of their own creation or ancient plan.
The funds/monies spent by the Chinese Leadership on the Spratly Islands. Shall become a burden to all of the peoples of the world. Starting with the Asian Peoples. All will know suffering and death. Because, of this endeavor.
China will do this with the Spratly Islands. This is only one aspect of the growing military force of China.
The Spratly Islands will become an evolutionary leap in military fortress creation (Leap Frog). Each of the Chinese occupied islands will have it's own nuclear power plants. Power generation will far exceed the requirements typically thought of. There will also be power storage capabilities. All of this excess is for the new energy based weapons systems which will come online. These energy based weapons systems will quickly destroy satellites in orbit and at a larger conical or circular diameter than what will be thought of by the USA, NATO and Russia.The Chinese side of the planet will be their side of the planet. Even all orbital assets. Your worried about A2/AD. What China is building is a genuine leap frog.
A2/AD school.
With that kind of power output. The destruction of airplanes of any kind will happen quickly and thus re-targeting can be achieved quickly for the next immediate threat.
The RADAR systems will be multi frequency phased systems. Networked into a central control system. Clouded. 14 Aug 2016: Not so clouded now.
Deleted prideful comment.

----News of Nuclear Power--------
Added on 14 Aug 2016:
===The 9 Spratly Islands===
Fiery Cross, Subi Reef, Mischief Reef, Cuarteron Reef, Gavin Reef, Hughes Reef, Johnson South Reef, Sand Cay, West Reef.
When all 9 islands are complete by the Chinese leadership. This will become a singular exclusive military zone of China. This will also leapfrog any capability by any military force in the world. Including the USA and Russia. No military force in the world will be able to defeat the 9 Islands. As a matter of fact the combined military forces of the world will not be able to get close to these islands. Without Chinese permission.
The biggest problems which China will face in defending and exerting their power forward in the future. Will be their ability to feed their people and their machines on each of those Islands. Water, Food and Fuel.
From what I've seen in their military training and readiness programs throughout all aspects of their military forces. The Chinese training and readiness programs at every level continues to be third rate. Because, of this. It will not matter a great deal how effective any machine is made. If the human element is poorly trained, educated and ready. Then this will become a very real problem for any outcome desired by the highest level of leadership. You gotta have heart for what you want to do.
and the one which will be next
Added on 15 Aug 2016:
===?Bible Prophecy?==
This is revelation. Interpretation is always very tough. Just remember back to when Israel was looking for their savior. The one prophesied to come. They were waiting for a military leader who would lead them in their defeat of Roman occupation. What they got was some lovey dovey turn the other cheek pacifist man. What we think we know is what we want to happen. Just like the pre-tribulation rapture. We all want this to happen. I really hope it does. It is all about what God wants and what he does will be perfect justice, compassion and mercy. Not what any human wants. To avert any bad and sad prophecy. Every human being should choose to love one another, Live in peace, exist in harmony, revere all life and obey the laws of God. All without any fears, threats or intimidation's. So, this is why a new Christian should not be shown any of the prophecies.
What is getting me on this. These islands are genuinely rising out of the sea. Symbols of China is the Dragon and the their color is red. The feet of a bear can be said to be the foundation of the animal. The foundation of Chinese military technology is from the Russians. The Symbol of the Russia is the Bear. So for those of you who know way more than me. I think this is matching but I also think that other interpretations are valid and even more valid. But, still the questions to pose are.
Can this singular beast be a seamless network system of many different things to become one?
Matching those things on the islands with the numbers and symbolic items as listed in the Holy Bible.
A beast will have eyes and ears. These could be the various kinds of RADAR systems.
Need to study the history of every island. Looking for ugly names, ugly legends and ugly symbolism.
(OK, I forgot. There is a person who has matched the possible re-emergence of Turkey, Ottoman empire to the Revelation 13). This time it would overtake the whole world.). There are many more interpretations.
You know something Chinese Military. I drew and rendered those specific hex buildings about 40 years ago. Even the variations. I just have to work out the differences between possibility and probability. I was much younger I drew this on paper. I was playing naval pencil war games as a kid.
 The very center of the Hexagon cluster was a RADAR Tower. The kind with a big ball on top of it.
Then on the outlying Hexagons were big guns. Which could rotate and elevate.
The whole hexagon element was raised up so as to cover (360 degree) the entire island with inlets.
Then later I discovered other aspects of technology. Now imagine. What this could be.
This is a weapons system.
A total of four on each of the three islands. That makes twelve units. To begin with. All should be considered first generation. All of which will be networked together into a seamless real time map. In which all sea and air craft can be targeted.
The hexagon just above the seven hexagon circle. Will most likely be a redundant power storage system. The smaller hexagon just above that will most likely be a control or operations room. The square box will most likely be security entrance and exit. Military worker, technicians, living quarters, food and management offices.
The central Hexagon tower will most likely contain a Spinning RADAR antenna system protected by a typical shroud as seen at any Airport. This is the very top.
Built into each side (Option) or on just five or to begin with three sides facing the South China Sea will most likely have a single octagon shaped phased array antenna. Just below the phased array antenna will be another Rectangle phased array antenna. This can be used for identifications.
When all of the Radar systems are on line or fully operational. There will be a control switch and an hazy method to align all of the radar antennas to a single point in the sky. Then there is a high power switch. When the high power switch is pressed with all of the antennas aligned in a single point in the sky. If a surveillance plane is in that location. The electronics may all burn up and maybe the people inside will cook. So from a distance or from orbit. This could look like a crown.
The three or five outlying hexagons which face the sea with an option for six. These will have self contained EM Rail guns, Laser weapons or standard automated big guns. These will be able to be interchanged at will. Although, not very quickly in the beginning. But, the change out and upgrades will become within the hour. There will be rotating covers which open up like a clam shell. Allowing for vertical elevation.
Why the two different flavors of Radar systems? Because, It is highly rumored that multi-frequency or muti-bandwidth Radar systems can more easily sea all current levels of Stealth. Since it is known that the F35 has limited range, maneuverability and speed. Targeting and destroying is seen as something to be easily done.
This part is hazy. Since each island will have at least four of these units. Each Island must have at least one nuclear power plant. But, as power requirements increase and performance levels improve. Each of these building will need to have their own individual Nuclear power plants for sustained rates of fire. Then when each nuclear power plant is tied together. power distribution and stability is greatly improved. So on one Island you could have five small nuclear power plants. Each small Nuclear power plant should be able to develop about 400-600MW of power output. Maybe, the early generations won't be as high as 400 MW. If China can create a type of American A1B reactor in the 600+ MW capabilities and they can create Rail guns and laser systems which can achieve destructive capabilities at, % of or beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit). Then No known military asset I can think of will even be able to touch these islands. Except maybe the fictional Rods of God.
Since the Chinese military network will be far superior to what is known. They will be able to integrate Russian originated 300's, 400's, 500's air defense systems as well as a variety of type 730 CIWS systems. Plus,plus and more plus. In some of my remembered drawings. I did see three minor looking emplacements around each unit which could have been the 730's.
I do seem to remember creating buildings which had vertical Launch Missiles. Although I just called them Missile buildings. If they can place at least 1000 vertical launch missile onto each island with the ability to store many more. Then these three islands will become something that no nation will be able to threaten.
There will be an attack upon these islands. Everyone loses. China is able to keep them going. The USA does not recover. Those nations which rely on the USA do not recover.
So revelation of any prophecy changes everything. So does everyone conduct all out attacks? The outcome will be worse with all free Nukes.
If no one attacks China. Then will have absolute control over all of the South China sea and Low Earth orbit.
Remember, I have said that China is the trigger which begins the extinction process of all life on this planet. So who wants to squeeze the trigger? Because, the trigger must do what it is meant to do.
Do you even want to remember the purple words above? Or are you saying to yourself what purple words?
The purple words are an option. The other option is for China to look up and go there with the same mindset and intensity of what they put into those islands. But, on one hand if they do those islands correctly and learn from every instance of success and failure. Even if a janitor losses a single strand from a mop head. All that is discovered. Can be applied when China focuses on going up.
So make friends with one another after all you/we are all related to one another.
The point of this is for everyone to choose life and peace. Not death and peace. Either choice there will be peace. 
Added on 14 March 2017:
The islands have become a bigger problem for the world. Who is the trigger? Remember? I have been waiting for update satellite images. I'm unable to find them. I have also re-looked at the old ones and some appear to have obvious scratched out information. The new images even appear to have blurring. Obvious hiding of information in order to cause China to look better than they are and to cause the western leadership to not look as stupid. AMTI is purposely hiding information with manipulation of the newly released photos. The use of low quality imaging, over exposing and thumbnails. Really guys in this day of Google Earth.
The South China Sea is now owned by China. Period. Within the next 3+/- years no one will refute that claim by any measure.
I think the military capability is to fearful for for anyone to acknowledge forthright. Right now those scary building's are most likely completed shells. Now is the time to fill them up. Power them up. Get all of those systems to talk to each other. Then transmit all of that DATA to homeland China.
If China can merge all of the various RADAR data into one easily defined data set. Then stealth is dead. It is one thing to see a stealth target. It is another thing to target and engage a stealth target.
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