Friday, August 12, 2016

Pool Digging: (Unedited): 11 Aug 2016:

Excitement in your mind, anticipation in your heart as you dig your own wonderful swimming pool in this rich world. Only to come to know that the rich world, which gives to all who puts forth a profitable effort. Has convinced you to dig your own lonely grave in the cold dark soil.
The importance of gold, silver and money is all very important in the world systems we all have to live in. Even your worldly education which must be tied to approved accomplishments is now very crucial to any worldly wealth generation.
-----First Peoples Lessons----
Yet, at the same time. We have all forgotten what the true wealth of the world is. Such as true family, real friends, genuine wisdom and spiritual development. We all have forgotten what is truly important in this world. In which those brothers and sisters which have maintained tribal or native wisdom's. May in fact be one of the keys to our survival as a species of human beings.
Love, Peace, Harmony, Life and the Laws of God is how we exist. The essential wisdom's of Harmony is still with the Tribal or Native peoples. Yet, all we can do as modern thinking people is laugh at how they live and automatically discount what they know as inferior and with little value.
It is crucially important for the Native, Tribal and first peoples to openly go forth and begin teaching their most secret wisdom's in regards, to life, love, peace, harmony and the laws. To continue to keep these specific wisdom's secret only hastens the extinction of all of the peoples of a singular humanity.
The prophecy of the first peoples, native and tribal peoples is this. They all will be continued to be threatened into either extinction or to become a part of the modern world. In which the modern world will lead all human beings into extinction. This is because the modern world has abandoned righteousness, wisdom and spirituality. One of the keys to human survival is in the wisdom's of these ancient peoples. Harmony is a part of the logical formula to life. In which the absence of harmony does end with extinction of the whole. If you do not have harmony then you will have chaos. There is no nothingness to be in between them.
Life = Love + Harmony + Peace + Laws

 This is an all inclusive formula. In truth you cannot have one without any of the other purple elements. Sure there are more positive words assigned to this formula to form a multi dimensional formula. But, it isn't for me to write or to even know. I'm meant to focus on these five word elements. Even how I write these five purple words is most likely in error. The fact that there are these five purple words is what needs to be focused upon.
Just like there is an inverse to the five purple word formula which is:
All of those five words as well as their associated negative word elements all leads to varying degrees of death and extinction. As in individually, family, city, state, nation, ethos, everyone. one of these shall always lead up to the other. Or is it like lighting an explosives fuse in the middle with bombs on either side and all around. Have you ever seen a fire works explosion? or a fireworks factory explosion. One just does not explode. They all go off eventually in an apparent random set of explosions. In which the first to blow causes all other to eventual blow or to become destroyed in some manor. 
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