Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Serpent Ends You: (Unedited): 04 Aug 2016:

The serpent which you choose to follow. Shall be the one who decides when and how your free will shall end you. 
Think about this. In most every culture there is wisdom in regards to the snake. You carry the nice snake across to the other side of the river and then it bites you. The snake replies to your cries of why. Well, the snake says, You knew I was a snake.
So it is with your friendships. There are many snakes in human form. They seem cool, informed, fashionable. They are still snakes. Those that follow the snakes are just the next meal to be had by the snake or they will just be the next to be sacrificed by the snake in order for the snake to save it's own slimy and oiled skin.
How do you know what is the truth. When good has become bad and evil has become good. Justice for the criminal has become righteous while the good citizen is criminalized into an evil doer.
No matter what the law states or what the officer demands of you. Good will always be good and evil will always be evil. No matter how twisted society becomes.
For example. This just popped up in the news. Assuming it is true.  I just read a story where Heirloom seed collectors are now considered Agri-Terrorist. I have no idea if that is an actual fact. But, I have known where dairy farmers have had their milk destroyed by machine gun toting law enforcement persons. Really...How does a reasonable person or a group of reasonable people who choose to go into a public service with honor and integrity and then intimate farmers with an extreme over kill of weapons. While their are gangs, drugs and terrorists every where in this country. You cannot say the politicians passed the laws in favor of food corporations and that makes it a lawful right. It is the snakes which are making the laws and it is you who blindly follow those laws which cause you to choose to freely give up your honor.
Are you as an honored law enforcement person. Willing to give up your honor. So that you can arrest or harass peaceful people who cause no harm to anyone. Except maybe, when they are driving their horse and buggies on the road with horse droppings as a trail of crime to be followed. I'm just waiting for that photo of (APC) Armored Personnel Carrier to be at the farm house showing evidence of milk crimes against humanity. While military clad men pointing their machine guns at a people who will only pray for them.
No I won't be following this story and it is your duty as a reader to take information to the source. Not just to some reporter who reported on a thing. Because, with the demise of the newspaper industry so to has truthful and respected reporting.
What do you do? When the profession of service to your fellow citizens has become insane with laws which criminalize your fellow peaceful citizens. Really, Is this further evidence of our former peaceful government becoming an Oligarchy. As law Enforcement persons arrest people who grow natural seeds, foods and raw milk. How does a cop maintain his honor and self respect? In an environment where everything seems backwards. Where crime is rampant and heirloom seed collectors have become the focus for attention by Law Enforcement agencies. It is just to weird for me to understand. But, it is a part of prophecy. Where a person in Law Enforcement no longer knows what is good or what is evil and must obey all laws, rules and direct orders without question. Even if that means losing their own honor and self respect.

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