Thursday, October 6, 2016

Backwards Signs: Miracles Prophecies: Suffering Freedom: (Unedited): 04 Oct 2016:

A sign in which you know that your world is backwards. Is when prophecy becomes more important than a life in miracles.
What is important within your personal world? What is obvious to see while at the same time difficult to observe? Prophecy is one of those signs which is dimensional in meaning. Sort of like how an experienced teacher can teach a dozen different lessons just from the one story of Jonah.
To a righteous people or to any people a prophecy is of importance. A wise people will make those necessary changes in their lives. While the unwise will change nothing in their spirit, minds and hearts. The unwise will travel away from one great storm to the next. While the righteous may see no storms. The unwise build super strong homes on shaky grounds as the fire storms burns it all down.
When you constantly live your life governed by one prophecy and then the next prophecy. You live in fear. Go, Jesus and all of those heavenly Angels seem to always say. "fear not". Where as anything which is demonic seem to desperately want you to be very fearful and scared to the point of absolute helplessness. These are keys to the secret signs of the times. Prophecy stated by those who are negative want you to be scared. While those who are good and true do not want you to be scared at all. While at the same time pressing you to be righteous and holy in the accepting eyes of God only. To flee from and to reject all sin.
Out of your fleeing from and rejecting all sin is one of the beginnings of righteousness.
Out of your internal desire to become a good person you from your own free choice begin to read the Holy Bible on a regular daily basis.
Out of your wanting to be connected with your Heavenly Father. You begin to regularly pray and meditate upon Him.
Out of your overflowing of love, mercy and compassion for all peoples, ethos and tongues. You begin to fast regularly for the powerful benefit of others.
From these things does prophecy become unimportant in life to the genuine righteous soul.
Miracles: (Unedited): 04 Oct 2016:
Miracles should be a common everyday occurrence among the righteous faithful. While prophecies become dominant in the hearts and minds of the disobedient masses.
For the genuine righteous soul. Miracles do become an every day common occurrence in their lives. While those souls who are professional in their religious teachings may not have ever made the leap of faith required from being merely religious to becoming righteous in the accepting eyes of God. Out of the blessed gift of righteousness from God can you only experience miracles to and through you. In which none of those powers is about you or from you at all.
NOTE: I struggle with sin daily and Miracles are not a routine part of my life. Thus is the evidence of me.
Suffering Freedom: (Unedited): 04 Oct 2016:
The disobedient masses shall always be concerned with every possible event which will cause suffering or the end of their own self chosen lifestyle. While the righteous faithful sees the end as a means of freedom from this human form and the righteous faithful shall rejoice in it.
The disobedient masses shall always be concerned with their own safety and security. Out of their own internal psychological fears do they effort to avoid hardships. Where as the righteous souls seem to naturally trust in the Heavenly Father and fear nothing. Even though historically the saints and disciples suffered and died horrifically. Yet, they forgave, were at peace and seemed to welcome their Heavenly rewards. Hate, anger, curses and accusations seemed to be absent from them.
NOTE: At this stage in my life. I do not think I can rejoice in it. This is my failure and any of my failures in life are solely mine. Done of my failures in life gives you permission to make the same mistakes as I had and may still will tomorrow. Steven was stoned and he did as Jesus had done and prayed for their forgiveness. The Christian level extinction event happening right now in the Middle East and parts of Africa has reports of those who are being slaughtered are speaking those same words as Jesus and Steven had before they died. Could I do the same thing? I cannot say for any certainty.

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