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Hurricane Matthew 10 and 14 Prophecy: (Unedited): 04 Oct 2016:

There is definitely a message here with Hurricane Matthew most likely related to Chapters 10 and/or 14. I think the message behind this Hurricane Matthew is aimed at the church of Christianity as a whole and also to those churches in the Carolina's. (North and South). God is deeply dimensional in all that He does.
The ones that pop into my mind is the Graham family. Maybe, this is a direct warning to them? Maybe not? This is up to you guys to ascertain for yourself. Either way, I do think the children of the great reverend Billy Graham. Should ponder this, pray, meditate and fast. You wouldn't want to go down a similar path as Jim Bakker had. 
Note: Just because I used the name Jim Bakker. Does not further convict Mr. Bakker or is accusing the Graham family of anything.
Gotta wait to see what Hurricane Matthew will do or not do.
Those who have become righteous and holy in the eyes of God only. May have this revealed to them. If it is something at all.
This may not even be a Matthew 14. The 14 is based on the fourteenth named storm of 2016 season.
I should have enough information for those who are righteously gifted in discernment to get it this puzzle picture. Matthew 10 is also selected for the month of October 2016. I wonder if the days will be verses of importance?
Also, I'm noticing some discrepancy's in the reporting of this storm. It may be just all my error as I may not have kept track with the actual time reporting of stories. The Weather channel on line seems messed up. Poor reporting or minimal reporting so you have to pay to get the most information.
Any content that I post. It is your duty and responsibility to match it and test it with the Holy Bible. You are also required to pray, meditate and fast for concise and clear discernment.
Maybe there is something in this coming Hurricane Matthew maybe there is not. God does use natural event as signs, deep meanings and real purpose to cause his people to think about their lives and the actions they have or have not taken. We all should find out within a week or so.
Matthew 14 and when Jesus walks upon the water. How many of His disciples actually walked on the water? Only one. The rest did nothing but be fearful. How does that measure for today? How many Christians take actions while the majority do nothing. How do you think President Obama, The Bushes and Clinton were elected? The Christians did not measure the character of these men when they voted or didn't vote. The Christian community is the largest voting block and yet they do not vote as a result their country has been taken away. Soon the Head of Christianity will also be removed. Or has it already? Have you been so caught of in the deception that it is actually good to vote for the lesser of two evils? When you vote for the lesser of two evils. You are still voting for evil. If you vote for the third candidate you will allow the greater evil to win the election. That is another deception. If all of the Christians begin to only vote for people who are of good reputation. Then the entire Country of the United States of America shall be changed.
Think about this. We The USA are starting a war with Russia and China. Russia and China are only responding to the actions of American politicians. While the entire population of Americans know nothing and only care about Pokemon Go.
Think about this. When you have to deal and negotiate with people who are liars, cheaters, dishonorable and only care for themselves. How do you have faith in any promise they make to you? You don't. Take a good look at the non news of the North Dakota Pipe line water protectors. Over 60 Native tribes are present and no weapons and no news. Every treaty made was broken and still is being broken.So if the politicians have a history of this. How do you think Russia and China will react? Just as what they are doing right now and that is prepare for war. I believe that Mr. Putin and Mr. Xi Jinping are men of honor. At least their public persona's.
Know This: The USA is both the most powerful country in the world and also the most helpless. A country like North Korea can turn off all of the electricity in the USA, right now. So we can turn North Korea into a land of glass. 100 million Americans will still die in the first year. So what is the point? Then China and Russia will have to retaliate in order to honor the spoiled man child of North Korea.
John The Baptist Beheaded
Five Thousand Fed
Jesus walks on Water

1823 Joseph Smith find the Golden Plates after an angel of God named Morini directed him.
1862 Slavery in the United States. ENDS...
1991 The Dead Sea Scrolls are made public
2013 Angela Merkel and the Christian Democrats win in Germany's Federal Elections.
============ You Judge===
Hurricane Matthew Weirdness. I have been looking at the Haiti impact and it kind of looks like a fetus baby to me.
Added on 06 Oct 2016: 
Matthew 10: Is selected for the month of October in this year of 2016.
There should be a quote her:
The disciples of Jesus were given the ability to work all manor of miracles. To receive and to give equally. Which means the disciples retain nothing for themselves. The disciples of Jesus were commanded not to acquire wealth.
The false teaching of prosperity and the fleecing of the Lords sheep leads to an unpleasant outcome. 
Becoming an Unworthy House: (Unedited): 06 Oct 2016:
Can a house once worthy of the Christian become unworthy to the Christian? If that house was once worthy and is now unworthy? shall that house become worse than the land of Sodom and Gomorrah?
A question quote? Never wrote one of those before.
Righteous Christian Soul: (Unedited): 06 Oct 2016: 
The Christian who cannot leave the unworthy house or planet. Shall become the hated criminals of the world. Persecuted and scourged even to the point of death. Those righteous souls shall be saved when they endure to the end.
Added on 07 Oct 2016: I'm convinced of a message here directly for the Christian.
Added on 14 Oct 2016:
Do not get my inclusion of this information wrong. I just do not know enough to ascertain the accuracy of this information. When you as big as these men and women are. The wealth is gonna flow. The information at each website below should be researched by you to ascertain the accuracy of the content.
South Carolina Pastors and churches. The news seems filled with churches being shot, vandalized, broken into and burned.
Christian Persecution Begins: (Unedited): 14 Oct 2016:
As in preparing for any hurricane is necessary for life on the coast, so to is it necessary to prepare for the beginning persecutions of Christianity. That time for preparation is over. When you see the lines of clouds rise from the distance.
If Hillary Clinton has survived brain injury. How does her office of presidency defined in prophecy?
As of right now. The American People has 4 choices to vote for. The two greater evils and the two lesser evils. No Christian cannot vote for any of these four people. Because, even voting for the lesser of two evils means you will have to vote for either gay rights or abortions.
It looks like Hillary Clinton will win and from her shall come forth Christian persecutions and the loss of rights even to the degree of participation within society.
Donald Trump will lose the election and will become known as the destroyer of the Republican party. Those who remain republicans shall become assimilated into the democrat party as controlled voting puppets.
Added on 21 April 2018:
A reader just read this. So I'm revisiting this. It is closed to me. I do however find it interesting how my personal opinions were wrong. The election of Donald trump to the White House is still very surprising to me. It was the Christian vote which elected him. Many Christian spokespersons still celebrate his victory. I'm just not in that boat. Because, I think it is a ruse to cause the Christians to go back to sleep while both the republicans and democrats are filled with true evil doers. Who when they come together at every level of government. This will be when Christian persecutions will begin. We are still a few election cycles away. But, the true and devout Christians must all come together and get to know one another from a variety of churches and denominations. To elect faithful persons to every government office everywhere. This threat is still very real. If the true and devout Christians do not take back their country through the election process. Then the true and devout Christian will lose the ability to participate in the American society.
Go and sin no more.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.
To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements.
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