Friday, September 30, 2016

Evil Government People: (Unedited): 30 Sept 2016:

Blind Obedience to a corrupt and self serving government. Is you perpetuating their brand of evil upon the people and maybe the world. 
Does it matter to you or are you just surviving and thriving at the expense of others. When you create your own form of evil in support of a corrupt and self serving government. You have become your own self defined evil. Even though you may not think of it as such. As soon as you cause harm and suffering upon any other living soul. You are harming yourself more. You are losing your own honor.
As you also begin to figure out how you can profit more from the corruption within the Government you wholly support. You shall eventually lose everything, your wealth, your family, your honor. You may even become so blind that you may not even be aware until all of those things which are truly important are gone.
When you receive satisfaction, happiness and even ecstasy from causing others to suffer because of some minor offense. You are evil. There is no more becoming evil for you. Beware of those living signposts of great warning which are in your life. When a person who used to be of importance to you. Speaks and tells you that you used to be a good person and had a good name. That truth becomes a dagger which shall enrage you as your blind arrogant pride has been harmed. So you think you must cause them even more harm and suffering and you do so.
The soul which is still good. Will reflect upon those words as a fresh branding from a red hot iron. Hopefully this reflection will lead to repentance which leads to a return to righteousness.
What shall be the cost when you return to goodness. A complete loss to your place in the world. A loss of your worldly wealth and respect. A loss to your worldly future. Can you see how even you have become corrupted to a world which will eventually end by fire?
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