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Fewer Police: Underground Church: (Unedited): 29 Sept 2016:

New thought impressions. Updates on 23 Jan 2017, 24 Jan 2017,
At this time I will no longer be doing yearly prophecy blogs. I am about to close up the 2017. For whatever reason. I feel nothing for doing them any more.  I do know they are tied to the Jewish Calendar. I also, suspect Islamic attacks are associated with the Islamic Calendar. I've learned a  lot about prophecy in the last few years. The most important things I have learned. 1). Is that any bad and sad prophecy ever spoken or written can be mitigated and/or averted. 2) The condition of your heart and your journey towards righteousness and holiness seem to be a key in preventing prophecies to specific groups of people from the individual, family, tribe, community, nation, continent, entire planet and most likely entire solar system and entire galaxy. If we as a people survive the coming extinction level events which will be our own fault.
In the USA fewer and fewer men and women of honor and integrity shall pursue a career in Law Enforcement. This may be more valid at the local level. The militarization of the police and Sheriff forces all across the country will become mainstream.
Once the balance has been tipped in favor of chaos and it is commonly known. Then the people will take law and judgement into their own hands. Forcing the hands of the Government who has not honored the people to alter the laws and send in the military to violently bring law and order. It shall not matter whether or not the special interest oligarchy or the corporate oligarchy is voted upon. 
In the USA. Predominantly white churches will need to learn what the black churches had done to survive. They both will come together as they each will go underground. The underground churches will begin to experience miracles as a common occurrence.  This is also to include Latino, Asian and other racially specific churches.
Wisdom and knowledge of how those churches survived around the world will also be of great importance. But, more important than anything is their individual free choice or repentance and righteousness as only accepted by the eyes of God. Then when they all come together in one righteous spirit. Great holy power shall come forth. But this shall be after...
Need to read 2 Timothy:
NOTE: If you read my writings in regard to race and racism. Then you should know that these words of the colors is not insulting. Nor are they intended to be. 
Added on 23 Jan 2017: It seems already this year of today's date an increase of 150% increase in cop killings by gunshot. Neighborhoods who seem to be more stressed than others. Have begun to openly walk around with guns in order to protect themselves from police brutality (Read this again). The events at Standing Rock North Dakota are also having an impact on the nation's civilian perception of the police. That the police are becoming a threat to society. People are showing their guns in the face of a wrongly perceived threat. It is only going to get worse. Especially if the Standing Rock Massacre occurs. Even if the Standing Rock North Dakota massacre is prevented. Those who have a deep evil within them will have their massacre elsewhere.
Added on 24 Jan 2017:
Once a large group of people decide they have had enough. Once there are enough of the civilian population which believes that cops are the enemy. Cops will die as is already happening all over the USA this year alone. A Louisiana cop was just killed the other day for stopping to assist in an accident while off duty and still in uniform. Someone just shot him in the head.
Who is at fault?
1). Bad cops who caused black lives matter to begin and who cause black lives matter to remain a force. (Black Lives Matter organization do have the right to exist).
2). The law enforcement and politicians of the entire state of North Dakota and the 8+ month long protest at the area known as Standing Rock North Dakota.
3). The entire organization called the main stream media. Collective Media Blackout.
4). The Federal Government. It seems like it doesn't matter who is in charge. Same ole same ole.
5). The anarchist and violent minded which have gotten themselves involved with this peaceful protest.
Added on 05 Feb 2017: The tone in the air of Standing Rock, North Dakota has changed. Anytime a bad and sad prophecy is revealed. It is not to give power to it. It is to give you the power to prevent any and all bad and sad prophecies. You all have the power to decide to take action in order to prevent or mitigate. If you decide to do nothing or to just play your mindless and spiritless part. Then the bad and sad prophetic event may just happen worse than it was foretold. A human created or inspired prophecy can have many variables to it. While a natural event bad and sad prophecy will be more focused on very specific events and outcomes. Although the outcomes can be mitigated if the natural event cannot be prevented.
Back to Standing Rock, North Dakota. The Government of Standing Rock seems to want and are planning a massacre. They will continue to incite as they have done for the past 9+ months. Everything the Government of North Dakota has done is based in strategy and dehumanizing those who are in the way. This is evidenced by voting on laws which makes it legal to run over Oil protestors. This also includes laws which take over all of the tribal lands which were guaranteed by federal Law. Under the guise of doing good for the poor Indian people.
The purpose of all of my writing is to prevent all death and to save all lives.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
All without pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy or entitlements.
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