Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fear of Prophets: Doom of Death: +2: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2016:

Fear of any Prophet from God is a sign of your disconnected from God and from righteousness.
Any person who is righteous as accepted by God only. Needs not fear any prophet. It won't matter if that prophet is from God or not.
Those unbelievers who do not believe in a God or the God of all. Should fear greatly and turn away from their evil lives. The unbelievers if not having already been pre-judged. Should repent and begin a life of righteousness. A life of righteousness begins through the Bible, through prayer, through meditation and through fasting.
Any Christian or religious person who fears a prophet no matter their status is a sign to you of their own disconnectedness from God and righteousness.
Every religious group, organization, denomination who has accepted sin into their holy places. Shall fear the prophets of God. For it is they who shall bring those fiery words of coming doom to them all who reject repentance. Assuming they actually have the opportunity of repentance and have not been pre-judged by God.
Doom of Death: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2016:
From their doom of death they shall be reborn into fiery hell's torment.
"Their" defined: Anyone who lives in sin. Anyone who has accepted sin as a right. Anyone who is in a position of religious leadership and continues to sin. Anyone who has placed sin within a holy place. Anyone who has fleeced the sheep of God for their own profit and reward.
Is this a continuation of the sign of Hurricane Matthew?
Have not discovered news or the lessons needed to learn about McClellanville, S.C.
Maybe not for me to know or to discover.

Matthew 10:9-10New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Do not acquire gold, or silver, or copper for your money belts, 10 or a [a]bag for your journey, or even two [b]coats, or sandals, or a staff; for the worker is worthy of his [c]support.
Free Choice Righteousness: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2016:
A life of righteousness is a free choice decision. 
Without any fear. Without any Threat. Without any intimidation. One chooses to live their life in righteousness as only defined by God.
To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.
To exist in harmony with all.
To obey the Laws of God.
Not because you have to. But, because you want to. These are the foundations of pure genuine honor.
Rightly Righteous: (Unedited): 09 Oct 2016:
One who lives a righteous life. Does so because living rightly and wisely is the right thing to do.
By living rightly and wisely allows those who are in your presence and who are in your knowing or unknowing to live a life which is better for them. Thus, is the foundation of leadership. It is that simple. No complication at all.
When all peoples begin to serve one another. Not because they have to, ridiculed into doing, or are forced to, but because they want to. All of this must come from the internalized love from within each person. This is the source of mercy, compassion and good will to all peoples. ALL PEOPLES.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday.

To Love one another.
To live in peace with everyone.
To exist in harmony with all.
To Cherish all life.
To be obedient to the Laws of God.
To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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