Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christian Acts +5: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2016:

The state of the nation and of the world is directly a reflection of the Non-Acts within the entire Christian bodies failure to know in a heartfelt manor The Acts within The Holy Bible.
I saw a video about a year or so ago. Some American major city somewhere had a large LGBT pride parade and only two Christians showed up. They got beat up and the police allowed it to a degree. Yep, only two Christians in a major city who rejected sin. There is actually more than one major city. I think they are Seattle and St. Petersburg. There could be many more.
A Christian and all Christians do have a duty to protect their home, their cities and their nation from sin. To endure hardship and death for peacefully standing up for your faith is proof that you have become worthy as is mentioned in the book of Acts. Every time the Apostles were threatened, beaten, imprisoned and killed. Look to the death of Steven. They did not waver. Today's modern era of non-righteous Americanized Christians seem fearful of everything and everyone. All the while the Middle Eastern righteous Christians are torture and killed. With their last words being that of Steven and Christ.
Woe to you Christians. Ye have lost your nation and your place in the world. All because you failed and have become fearful to act. The Government is learning how to commit horrendous crimes against their own people. Today, it is the native tribes at Standing Rock North Dakota in which the corrupt federal Government you Christians have failed to either vote or allow men and women of dishonor into office and who allegedly in collusion with North Dakota state government funding by the Oil and banking corporations may cause what shall be known as "The Standing Rock Massacre of 2016".
If it happens. Right now all agency's of Government is against thousands of people who are helpless and unarmed. Who only pray, sing and dance. Once all of the corporate controlled government agencies in this newly formed Corporate Oligarchy. Have become controlled and aligned, under one authority. The Christian population who will not conform to a politically conformed definition of freedom for all sinners and freedom from all religions. Will begin to lose their own freedoms and acceptance in society anywhere. Just remember this and how you accepted the laws against homelessness as you lose jobs and housing because of your faith. How will you eat and cloth yourself? Where will you get water to drink as you realize you did not support anyone at Standing Rock. Woe to you Christians who Act not. Woe to you Christians who have not the Heart of Christ within them. Woes and sufferings is coming for the Christian. The Christian being like the Jews having no nation and no freedoms.
Act Not Christians: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2016: 
Christians who act not shall have not.
Be warned. Do not allow fear to cause you into inaction or a sinful action. Watch and learn a better way of dealing with Christians as the Government learns how to control all aspect of life, liberty and freedom at Standing Rock. Which may very well involve massacre. Just like an abusive person always blames their deeds and actions upon their victims. So to will the Corporate controlled Mainstream Media news sources which includes your beloved Fox News of perpetual sexual abuse.
Research the TYT News for more accurate info of Standing Rock. Research the black snake prophecy of the Lakota. research the Hopi prophecy and figure out if you can match them to the Christian prophecies time lines. I think so. Beware of those who immediately discount this without any research. Because, God will speak to whomever He wishes, when ever He wishes. You and I are not God  and cannot tell God what He can and cannot do. That is idolatry of human arrogance. 
Christian Body Diseased: (Unedited): 29 Nov 2016: 
The Holy Spirit shall not come and the miracles shall not be widely evident. When the whole Christian body is diseased with sin and has a continued life of sin as a freedom. 
It is simple, even though the theologians and other greatly educated and learned people write their thesis and books upon. There is only a singular reason why miracles are not common everyday occurrences. That is the being of sin. The sin in your life is what repels the Holy Spirit. Not in a sense of you having power over the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a gift to all of humanity. When sin is overtly or secretly present. Then the Holy Spirit decides not to manifest anything in regards to it being. This is also reason why some have only experienced the Holy Spirit maybe once or even a few times. This is because those persons are not continually focused upon the Word of God. They do not pray, meditate, contemplate, fast, Stay in the Word, Flee and reject all sin. The exercise of their faith as evidence of their willing works.
Note: There is a big difference between willing works and works to prove faith. While one is based in the spirit and of the heart. The other is only from a persons mental decision to do that which is perceived as good. Which may be the proof of why a person becomes burned out. When the Holy Spirit flows throughout. There is no exhaustion or weariness.
Acts Judgement: (Unedited): 30 Nov 2016: 
The Christian body return to the acts. Will either be a responsible decision of the Christian body or a disciplinary judgement from God.
It is not enough to tithe or to simply write a check when the pastor cries about a terrible terrible thing. When sin is in you. You must fight it and struggle against it.
When sin is in your family. You must fight it and struggle against it.
When sin is in your city. You must fight it and struggle against it.
When sin is in your country. You must fight it and struggle against it.
Not in the sense of taking up arms for actual violent conflict or warfare.
To stand quietly firm and allow to happen whatever may. Even if you are tortured and murdered for bearing your own cross as it was in the days of old. For it is then when you find yourself worthy.
If the Christian does return back to the Acts of Christian life. They all will be met with the laws of the land taken from them against them all.  Just as what is facing the indigenous tribes of North America, right now at Standing Rock. So to will the government begin to criminalize all of Christianity. As has already begin.
The events of Standing Rock may end in a massacre in which this one event will cascade in violent ways not yet known or has ever been seen within the USA. Cops and police officers will be seen as the enemy to be feared. Out of that fear more and more violence against the honored and respected profession of Law Enforcement shall be magnified. All because of the dishonor and greed of political officials. Who will remain protected and safe by the laws they write. While men and women of deep rooted honor shed their blood upon the land.
Know this that when those politicians make their speeches of respected honor it is with a great emptiness of love and a mind full of apathy. For they all know what they have done in action and profited from it. They do not care for they have their cop schools and a new body will be present who is willing to sacrifice their honor for the cause of unworthy and dishonorable elected leaders. Who only pretend heart, honor and respect in the public spotlight.
Men and women who are deep in heart and honor. Do not freely give away that which is of great value to elected prostitutes. For they drink blood like a fine wine and relish in created violence as their personal source of entertainment. The joy that these elected prostitutes receive only causes them to thirst for more wealth, more power and more authority. In their arrogance will you witness the truth.
Evil is seen when the pure goodness of the medical rescue and fire fighter crews used as weapons to cause harm among the helpless who only pray, sing and dance. 
When any good thing is used to purposely harm and maim helpless people. It is evil and those men and women who you perceive as men and women to follow. Is not nor have they ever been worthy of you. So do not freely give away your heart and honor. For when these and other evil events are over. Those evil men and women will sleep well at night as your own cold restless sleep is forever experienced by you who has not their covering of honor to keep them peacefully warm. This you will always remember and never have the benefit of personal forgiveness. That is a simple truth for mean and women who are deep in heart and honor. Your participation in evil is something you will  never forget or forgive yourselves for. You are warriors and this does not mean you will always thirst and need wars. Your deep motivations has always been to protect those who need protecting and your willingness to give yourselves entirely over to them whom you must protect. Because, you must protect. To protect is not a choice nor has it ever been an option. 
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