Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christian Church/Media Apostasy: (Unedited): 01 Dec 2016:

As churches and Christian media embraces the rights and freedoms of sin. The Holy Spirit shall depart and in those once holy places shall dwell familiar spirits who will mimic their version of the holy spirit and of god. 
In the Tampa Bay Florida Market. A major Christian radio station Plays know gay artists known as Pentatonix. The morning show Female Host likes to discuss her weekends of watching movies she should not discuss on this station. Just recently Freddy mercury was spoken of in an almost glorified light. Sin always begins small.
Just as many denominations have fallen away from righteousness because of sin and the agreement of gay marriage and gay rights. So to shall the righteous devout remnant flee from the churches. Because, the Christian Churches have become places of sin and idolatry.

Is it still apostasy if the ruling bodies of churches changes the rules which define sin? While their book known as the Holy Bible forbids any sin and teaches that followers become righteous in the eyes of God only. Is this a sign of the time before actual sins are edited out of the Holy Bible? In order to make the Holy Bible more inclusive and hateful as defined by the world view of thinking and believing.
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