Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Smoldering Ash Heep: (Unedited): 07 Dec 2016:

Your fires of hate, anger and violence. Which responds to other peoples fires of hate, anger and violence. Will only consume everyone into one smoldering ash Heep. 
 It always takes two or more people to fight, argue or debate. The end result can be actual physical conflict at some level person to person level all the way to national and world wars. Until, the wrongs are only known by the deceased ancestors and not known by those who remain living. Those that remain living only fight because they must and always have. In which over time, rights and wrongs are no longer remembered and living a life worth living with meaning and purpose have been forgotten. 
Think about the end of this one quote. Racism can end with everyone becoming one smoldering ash Heep. Can you imagine those who fight intensely over their wrongly perceived races. Can do so to such a degree that no one will remain. This isn't just about racism. It is about every other ism. Which forgets themselves and their true natures. When you become only what you think and believe. You will forget the heart and spirit of your true being. When your forget, refuse to remember and refuse to even acknowledge anything more about yourself. You will revert or De-Evolve into a base human appearing animal. Only having the desires and psychological responses of animals. 
What is the scientific truth of racism. It is all a lie and a deception perpetuated by those who thirst and need to maintain their power base. The Human Genome project is the scientific proof. Which is now more than fifteen years old.  We are all one family or relation. All of you the readers DNA is more than 99.9% identical to mine. That goes the same for everyone else. Can you fathom that absolute fact that more than 99.9% of your DNA is the same as everyone else. So when you hate someone because they slightly appear different than you. It is a self revelation of a lie which is within you. The native or indigenous tribes have it right. Their one circle (Humanity) of the four colors of man. It is a prophetic circle scientifically proven true in this modern day. I can see it as such.
Well apparently "Heep" is no longer a word.
It is for back in time when a young southern boy got into mischief of any kind. The sometimes response of the responsible adult person. Would state to the young man. "You're in a heep of trouble boy" A Heep would be something big like a mound of hay in the old days before automated hay balers.
Added on 18 Dec 2016: Response to a news video.
Wow. (A negative response). Below is a non educated response of a janitor to the college educated person known as Nathan Damigo. ---------------------------------------------------- While the action of racism is a truth. It is all based on the lies that humanity is based upon multiple races of peoples. The indigenous tribes have gotten it correct. That we are all one relation or one family of humanity. This old indigenous belief was scientifically proven true from the completion of the Human Genome Project of 2003. More than 99.9% all of your DNA Nathan Damigo is identical to any black person, any Asian person, any indigenous person and to everyone else who has a variety of mixed heritages. This is truth and cannot be argued no matter how you feel your right in disagreement to my comments. Furthermore the human race DNA was known to be 99% identical by DNA Fingerprinting or is now known as DNA profiling. In which about 99% of the total DNA material is discarded. In favor of the remaining approximate1% which proves in an International court of law innocence or guilt. DNA fingerprinting or DNA Profiling has been around since 1985. Even this scientifically proves the indigenous claims of we are all one relation. The human skin is only the largest organ of the human body. So how can this alone define all of humanity. If this one organ of the human body is so important. Then why do we not include the human liver as a point to define human beings. I cannot tolerate alcohol while others can drink massive quantities of liquor. By this definition and the obvious efficiencies of their liver. This would alone make them a superior group of people. What about those who have had their gall bladders removed or a kidney removed or tonsils removed. Are these people any less human than anyone else? You should really study the primary functions of the human skin. In which the primary differences in skin is in color and dryness. A human being can lose the ability to create coloring on the skin to protect itself from radiation effects. Are these people less than human because they cannot suddenly create color in their skin? These people who lack color will most likely be ridiculed from within their own culture. They become social outcasts. While a person who loses the ability to cool their bodies will suffer and die if they become over heated. Just because a human being has dark skin tones and another human being has very light skin tones. Does not make either of them any less human than any other dark skinned or light skinned group of people. Do the math on the skin functions and assign equal numbers for each of the primary functions. What is the percentage for coloring? I come up with ten primary functions which are 1). Guards the organs 2). Hair or hairless or in-between 3). Immunity 4). Water loss protection 5). Insulation 6). Temperature regulation 7). Sensation 8). Combined vitamin d and b. 9). Pigmentation 10). Dry or oily skin I come up with 10% or one in ten. So 10% of your human skin is for pigmentation. We as a singular species of human beings degrade each other based on the skin tone of anyone who does not superficially appear as we do. My argument about pigmentation here is flawed as I would most likely not give pigmentation a 10% which would be equal to temperature regulation. So assign values of importance to each of the ten category and align them in descending orders of importance. Are you seeing the math yet? Pigmentation would be near the bottom and have a much lower percentage scale of importance in the over all general health of the human organ called the skin. Shall I continue with history of racism? The origins of the races began with those who spoke different languages. Which most likely began at the Tower of Babel event. If you want a true coming together of people who agree with one another. The lies and teachings of lies can no longer be perpetuated in every aspects of human life all over this planet. When the truths are finally known to all peoples and the lies are also finally rejected along with the people who peddle them. That is when we as a single species of human being can finally discover real peace and begin to express true love for all of our brothers and sisters everywhere. No matter their skin tones. -------------------------------------------------- Your areas of research: The Human Genome project. DNA finger printing or DNA Profiling. Study how this is presented in court and argued. Study how only one percent of the DNA material is used and why the other 99% is not used and why. The human skin as a single organ of the human body. History of racism since the Tower of babel as the starting point.
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