Monday, January 9, 2017

Justified Criminalized: (Unedited): 09 Jan 2017:

Three signs of a people who have lost their way. Is when compassion and kindness is criminalized. Is when evil actions against the helpless and hopeless is justified. Is all done without any disagreement or uproar from the general population.
The true Christians and others shall be denied access to any aspect of civilized society. Once they each refuse to take the mark of the beast onto/into their hands and/or forehead. Which means zero access to any grocery stores. No jobs. No ability to pay rent, mortgage, property taxes or any other fees.  So what happens to the true christian? True Christians will become instant homeless and thus already criminalized all over the world. Not because they are Christian but because they are now homeless and anyone caught feeding, clothing or even providing for a homeless person will also be criminalized eventually. Read the few pieces of current information I have provided below. Expand your own research with the ideas below.
What is going on against the homeless in the USA is what I believe is preparation for the Mark of the beast. 
========  (Unicorn Riot)
Search Terms:
Anti homeless laws.
Anti feeding homeless laws.
There was a time within the United States that the mentally ill were cared for. They were relatively safe, housed and fed. Today, The mentally ill are out in the open. When they encounter the police and are having a bad day. The mentally ill may not recognize, acknowledge let alone comply with any law enforcement officer. Resulting in them getting killed.
--------------Graphic footage----
The videos I have selected is not intended to further spread hate against the police. The police arrive and they just do not know the situation or the intent of the individual. The point is a police officer cannot depend on a mentally ill person to act and obey with any reason. But, how will a cop know, when cops are actively targeted and threatened. Cops are in an atmosphere to react with deadly force or they will die themselves. I found more videos and have chosen to stop at these three. They are very graphic and from You should already know that Russia Today News will show everything especially if it shows the USA in a bad light.
Not RT below. Possible accidental shooting or death by cop?
One other side note. The on-goings at Standing Rock North Dakota. may also, be a sign on how the police and military personnel will deal with large numbers of homeless people sometime in the future. When the government can completely control all DATA in and out of any area. The real atrocities will begin. Some thing more magnified than this.
Once the Fire department water cannons began. It was used for about 6 hours as I understand it. There may have been a fire retardant in the fire house. The police were using CS gas and pepper spray. All of those chemicals breathed in by all of those peoples. As of this writing. Many are still sick from it in January 2017. The date of action was Nov 2016. One young lady had her arm nearly blown off by a concussion grenade in which the Sheriffs Department were caught lying about. The evidence proves their lies. I don't like it as I'm pro law enforcement. Still am. Never the less it is a sign. There is a confluence of prophecies going on in which I believe Standing Rock is the training ground. This is also as I understand at a confluence of rivers. The dimensionality is getting very deep. Just as a single Bible story like Jonah can be taught a dozen different ways. This is dimensional teaching as the best example. So to is this ?Standing Rock?. What does the Bible say about water and Rock? Yep, go and read it. The Lakota Black Snake prophecy which may precede the last Hopi prophecy which precedes many other Christian prophecies. Lots more Prophetic confluence. This is way above me. But, I can see it. This is for you guys and gals who are way smarter than me to figure out what it is I'm pointing to. I know my place and it is a finger pointer. That's all.
Ron Wyatt
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