Friday, January 13, 2017

Seeking New Enemies: (Unedited): 13 Jan 2017:

Your chosen separation from the Holy Spirit,
your chosen absence of righteousness in your mind, and
your chosen darkening of your heart -
these are all characteristics of the man who continually seeks out new enemies to express his hatred, anger and wrath.
Ye professed Christians be mindful of your actions, for it matters not how many years you have faithfully attended church or how much you have regularly tithed and given cheerfully.
It shall be your actions outside of the walls of the church, including those professed and secret sins,  which will show if you will either be known or have never been known by God. For you actively seek out enemies with anyone who cannot take care of themselves and you show your pride when you abuse your poor clients and cause them to suffer. You won a war against them when you started it all. These are all of your victories here on Earth, the victories of a bully against people who are defenseless and with children.
Be warned - all of these people whom you have actively and purposely harmed, you have done likewise unto Jesus Christ. From your own hatred, anger and wrath you have poured out and onto the open wounds of Christ.
I can feel the fear within you as your life comes to an end. You know your time is short, and no matter what you do to extend it you will always fall short. Your judgement is coming and you will hear those words and know your everlasting judgement. Repent and turn away from your evil deeds.
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