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Massacred Cry +4: (Unedited): 19-20 Jan 2017:

The blood of the murdered and massacred shall cry up into the heavens. All of their cries are heard even though their bodies have been hidden/buried and burned.
Silent Loud Blood: (Unedited): 19 Jan 2017:
Those souls lost in the secret sands of time. Those righteous souls which have stood their ground in the face of hateful evil. Those souls which have brought the weapons of love, prayer and a clean conscious. Louder is the silent flow of blood into the soil then the cries of the soul which had endured horror. 
Heard above all: (Unedited): 19 Jan 2017: 
The righteous innocent soul. Which stands in the face of evil, hate, anger and rage. Their soft spoken cries are heard above all of the angels which sing.
Massacre Efficiency: (Unedited): 19 Jan 2017: 
The efficiency of massacre's in the modern era shall be one developed in the land of the brave and committed against the home of the free. 
Dissent Massacre:  (Unedited): 20 Jan 2017:
Dissenter's shall be silenced, surrounded, massacred and incinerated.  
 I have been focused on the Standing Rock North Dakota event for the last many months. Why? Because of the confluence of many things like prophecy and the revelation of prophecies. There is depth of signs and of meaning. There is also depth of understanding and awareness. Which is far to much for me to glean. The ongoing event is crucially important but may only be a foreshadow as to what I hope does not occur. If your even reading this the message is clear. I think a massacre is somewhere in between a possibility and a probability.
When and if it the massacre happens. This is what will happen prior to the massacre. There will be no radio or cell phone communications. All entry and exits will be manned by those who are trusted, heartless and without spirit. They shall be the most evil of any human being and will rejoice in the suffering of defenseless and innocent persons. There will be no escape for those within the camps. They shall all die horribly and without any mercy. They will be shot down.
Their bodies shall be cleaned up and transported to a waiting incinerator(s). All evidence of the camps will be cleaned up. Then their shall be silence.
If this event occurs. This will be the first. This will be their how to do it. Once they are comfortable with getting away with a massacre. They will evaluate and update their plans. Thus, making massacres efficient after each event. Even to the point of bringing in incinerators at the next dissenters site.
Who shall be next and where? Any place where dissent occurs out of sight from common people attentions. The homeless problems. The mental illness problem. The prison problem. The gang problem. The drug problem. The dissenters problem. the food stamp problem. The housing problem. The health problem. The religious problem. AND any other problem people as defined by the corporate controlled government. This is how a corporate oligarchy works. A successful corporation must divest itself from dead weight and dead beats. In order to be successful to the corporate shareholders. How do corporations do that?
It seems like the common peoples attentions are in their data streams. So the sanitation and cleansing of the data streams is all that is needed to keep all suspicions of crimes against humanity even being thought about. By those evil souls who perpetuate the idea of modern massacres. They will think themselves of making the world a better place.
The purpose of this message is to save all human life. Yes, I do understand of self fulfilling prophecies. There is also the idea of simple revelation being able to mitigate or prevent probable outcomes. Will the first modern day massacre occur at Standing Rock North Dakota? It is up to each individual on either side of the lines drawn by the corporately controlled police, military and political entities. For they are the ones who have already used life and property saving equipment against people. They are the ones who have denied medical services for those suffering from their onslaught. They are the ones who have brought in two Avenger air defense units to be used for alternative purposes. They are the ones who are escalating.
The purpose of all of my writing is to prevent all death and to save all lives. Period. If you read any writings by anyone for whatever reason. The purple words below is expected of you in every instance. Those purple words is how we survive as a species. Otherwise extinction.
Added on 22 Jan 2017: It looks like the Sioux Tribe has and/or the Cannonball District have asked the water protectors to leave the entire area. Not sure exactly what that means. they have thirty days. So it looks like the massacre will be averted. But, I got nothing on that. This is just news. So I can assume the massacre is averted. Maybe. The movement shall move and the evil will follow as it always does. Will the prophetic massacre also move?
Added on 23 Jan 2017: I woke up this morning. And still nothing. I watched a Myron Dewey update video with Mystic Dave:
Added on 01 Feb 2017: The thirteenth amendment to the constitution was passed on this day many years ago. Go look it up and familiar yourself with it. Yet as of right now. There are a group of people which have no rights and no freedoms. They are the Native Tribes of North America. If you do not believe me. Then research all of the atrocities committed against the Native America Tribes over the past 500 years. It is still going on today in North Dakota at Standing Rock. Even as I type this more than 50 persons have been arrested and NO NEWS reports from any mainstream media outlets. No real witnesses and why do you think this blog is called Massacred Cry? President Donald Trump may very well hold office as a massacre is planned and committed.
What do you think is going to happen when people begin to believe they have no course of action and their backs are against the wall?
What do you think is going to happen to other cops all around the USA? NORTH DAKOTA Government will be held historically responsible for more police officer deaths. Especially when more and more people watch the events at Standing Rock.
I watched today and saw innocent people immediately go into a helpless panic.
Prevention is everything. When and if a massacre does happen. I wonder how those policeman will live with themselves? Once they realize they will be remembered in history as something to be compared to the SS of WW2 Nazi Germany or the cold war KGB of the USSR or any other evil entity which harmed people for pleasure. I've seen their smiles and their excitement to bash in peoples faces when it was them who instigated those attacks. What of the civilian people of North Dakota when they learn that another massacre has occurred and they were all racists who allowed it to happen. Where are the Christians, the churches and the denominations?
I wonder if and when a massacre does occur in North Dakota if the people will finally wake up and take direct action on how their entire state is without any decency, morals and honor. All for oil. After all North Dakota is about to pass a law allowing you to run over people who are in the way. Legalizing purposeful killing against a tribe. After all that is their intent. To legalize the killing of protestors.
Added on 06 Feb 2017: Copy and Paste below. Read 2 Timothy 3.
This is a part of the confluence of various prophecies among different traditions. I believe that they all are tied together in some way that is beyond me to know. This one scene is for the devout Christian. This is just one. There are many more. Where prayer is attack in military fashion. How many other places around the world do you know where prayerful people are attacked, tortured and killed? Prophecy unfolding and Christian's don't seem to know or understand it.  
From 4:27-5:40 Watch. #Christian #Baptist #Episcopal #NorthDakota #Prophecy #Coming for #Prayer Only the beginning.
Added on 07 Feb 2017:
It is interesting watching people and groups ban me. From both sides.  It's OK. Sometimes my words can be strong. All I want is the purple words below. I use the word "massacre" in a possible, probable or prophetic manor. I do not give the word power. I offer revelation of that which is becoming more probable everyday. If you choose to believe the word "massacre" is prophetic. No matter, If you think this word "massacre" is possible, probable or even prophetic. It is your duty to prevent any harm or death. No matter what side of the line your on. For the leadership of North Dakota. I believe they want all native tribes and tribal persons to disappear. No matter how the word "disappear" is defined.
This is what I know. When you have people who do not care if you live, suffer and die. That is a very real problem. This is what I have witnessed from those associated with the government of North Dakota. A total disrespect of life of native American lives.
Many of those tribal persons have begun showing strong images and strong words. This is an escalation. When those war minded persons see and hear those images and words. They will modify their war making efforts and smile. For they will make war come. They will embrace massacre and they will sleep well. You good cops who still have your hearts and honor. When you see more weapons and ammunition of death pre-positioned and a thousand body bags stored away. Just try to see what is in those places in which denial of access is in place for you good cop. Just don't get caught up in the training then when one begins to shoot. You all begin shooting everything which moves. You good cops. Listen to their stories and words on the radio. Refuse to participate and walk away. It would be better for you to work retail security with a clear conscious than it will be for you to hold onto the memories of a coming massacre in which you participated in. Even if you do not even discharge any firearm. You will still hold the memory of that atrocity in your memory forever. That memory alone can prevent you from ever regaining your honor and self respect.
Looks like I lost twitter.
Added on 17 Feb 2017: Twitter.
It looks like anything I post or share from Myron Dewey receives some kind of delay. Even to the point of shutting me down for very short periods.
@2142 Hours. Had a tweet deleted message and have no idea what it was. Maybe, nothing maybe something.
Added on 17 Feb 2017:
The reports are coming in from Standing Rock. Apparently the entire casino hotel has been booked by Federal agents and National Guard units from three different states. No supplies are allowed to enter any or one of the camps.
I saw a video of military staging area. I saw a video a couple of days ago where the militarized police moved their road blocks closer to the camps in a strategically thought invasion point.
The first thing which should happen is a complete EM/RF/Cell/GPS/Drone blockade.
An absolute denial of any physical movement of any persons involving the three E's, Entry, Exit and Escape. All technology confiscated.
How many people will die? Will anyone ever know? Is this where a new American massacre will happen? No one will know.
Added on 21 Feb 2017:
It is becoming apparent to those who remain at Standing rock. That their camp has become a prison. Fully surrounded by Federal agents, Police, Sheriff deputies and National Guard units. The cleaning and depopulation of the camps is ongoing. Will they meet the deadline of 22 Feb 2017? Probably not. Still a massive effort by those who remain to honor the land and water.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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