Sunday, January 8, 2017

Focused Decision Heart: (Unedited): 06 January 2017:

When your focus of decision and of emotion is that of expressing as a physical act mercy, kindness, compassion. Providing for a person who is thirsty or cold or hungry or sick or some other need. These things are good and should come from the depths of your love for your brother and sister and who is your brother and sister. All of humanity. or your inner focus can be based on distrust and hatred for them and those who do not appear as you do. from this distrust and hatred leads to anger, accusation's, taunting's and violence and then to destruction, death and suffering's. The good and bad thinking and the good and bad emotions. Do lead to actions which will have corresponding outcomes.
The internal battle of love and hate, peace and conflict, harmony and chaos, law and lawlessness, life and death. All of these choices are within each of us every second of everyday for as long as we can breathe the clean air, drink the clear water and eat wholesome food as it was all intended for us from the beginning. If that which we take into our bodies is pure, clean and un-corrupted. We all shall have a continuous opportunity to be healthy and strong to do what is right and true. For what is right and true is always right and true.
These two were written for Shiye Bidziil. 
To his posting of a quote: Beware of perpetrators in disguise... Some people set fires wherever they go, and have mastered the art of the burn victim. Steve maraboli. 
It is important for each of us to know that we each can be a positive influence or mentor to anyone else. If only we each of 7+ billion inhabitants of this one little blue marble floating in the heavens of this universe, would just freely do so. All aspects of life on this planet would improve for the benefit of everyone. If all of the common people would just refuse to go to war and to refuse all manor of violent acts. The entire world would become a peaceful place. There would be no one to shoot a gun in anger or defense. There would be no one to man the war ships and boats of the world. There would be no one to pilot any war plane to fire missiles or drop bombs. War horses would be used to plow fields and swords reforged into peaceful machines or tools. 
For I tell you the truth. There will be that last drop of blood spilled in anger against that last chosen innocent soul onto the soil and that will begin the extinction process on this entire planet. No one will be saved. Not even those in their deep underground bomb shelters. For they to will not survive. For their shelters for their own personal safety built off of the backs whom they would sacrifice as worthless citizens. Those places shall become their coffins. 

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