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Political Corporate Ownership: (Unedited): 05 March 2017:

When the pendulum swings far into the opposite direction. There will always be a process of consolidation of political power.  When that power is a corporate oligarchy. There will also be a consolidation of political power as well as corporate ownership into as few hands as possible.
Any leader needs and must have people in critical positions whom they can and will trust. Generals and admirals get replaced or retired. All the way down the line. So what happens when a corporate oligarchy is established? That is a very important question. What will happen is the rights and freedoms which are inherent for all people is transferred to the corporations. The corporations become more important than simple human rights. A human right is selfishness of the individual and relativistic thought may become the argument against human rights and for corporate rights. While corporate rights benefits everyone. Which is a half or partial truth. 
In a corporate oligarchy. There will be more than three classes of people. Most likely more than a dozen classes of people. All with their own specific level of a rewards system. As a person becomes more important to the corporate political structure. They will be given rewards. These rewards are absent of any ownership. The concept of ownership shall fade away into a dead concept and be replaced with a corporate rewards system. The corporations shall own everything, including your person hood.
Health care shall also be rewards based on your class level within a specific corporate structure. For instance a janitor may have very low health care. In which a simple breaking of a bone may end their life. Because, there shall be no long term cost which can cause financial damage to the corporate entity. Janitors are easily replaceable assets. Where as a low level corporate manager will be granted the necessary medical care to repair the bone break. If a low level manager gets cancer. Then his or her worth to the corporation shall be evaluated. If a replacement person is easily available and training is minimized. Then that manager will be allowed to die in a painless manor. Everything is about cost and profit.
There will also be corporate classification/secrets in which this will guarantee that no one talks to any lower level person and no lower level person will want to speak with or be in the presence of a higher level person. For fears of losses in their rewards.
The conceptual idea of retirement will also fade away. Except for the top tier of  corporate leaders. A corporate leader or something to be defined similar to demigods can perpetuate freedoms to their own children and grand children. In which they will receive the highest rewards level of everything available. So as long as those children are obedient to all of the corporate rules and corporate social etiquette. Severe punishment comes to the accepted corporate family when one of them becomes disobedient and social outcasts.
Even the highest levels of corporate people will have their own disciplines. Anyone or any corporate entity goes out of line as defined by them all. Then the corporate all can and will refuse to do all levels of business with the corporate disobedient.
Also, a person of lower classification can be easily blackballed into starvation and death. In which their death won't even be considered murdered.There is or shall be no crime against the harming or killing of a non person.
Personal opinion note:
 I have found it interesting how the peoples retirement investments into a variety of mutual funds. Go and finance ownership into everything else. The people who actually own it all do not seem to use their own money. Maybe, they think it is all of their own money and all of the people belong to them as well. Maybe, they think of themselves as gods. It is all very strange to me.
This is prophecy.
The USA has transformed itself from a fledgling republic to a mature system of world leadership after WW2. Then the USA became a democratic form of government. Then the USA again transformed briefly into a security conscious nation and then into a special interest oligarchy.  With the presidency of Donald Trump. The USA may become lost into the full measure of absolute corporate oligarchy. In which the rights of perceived insignificant groups of people are already being militaristicly squashed. (Prayerful Native Indigenous tribes of North Dakota). What happened to the prayerful people in North Dakota will eventually happen to all devout Christians and other devout peoples in other religions.This squashing will grow into more and more people groups until the first massacre is committed. Then full absolute power must be exercised. In which no one will even know a massacre had even occurred. Massacre is absolute silence. The burning of the bodies in mobile incinerators is elimination of evidence. Anyone who stands up against the established corporate oligarchy will be silenced.
Individual business owners who do not participate within any corporate structure. Will be pushed out of business. As wholesale costs will become prohibitive and retail costs driven down by the big retail corporations who are obedient to the unstated corporate rules. The big retail corporations who are diversified in many different things. From transportation to real estate. From ownership percentages in all of the product lines they sell to the energy companies they use. The corporate entity will all become a part of the bigger corporate climate. While the single owner/sole proprietor will be offered a higher rewards level to become assimilated into the controls of the corporate world.
How can you/we/me prevent this. When the rewards will be so good. No more real ownership concerns. Just like how the on base housing is done in the military.
It is simple and yet disastrous.
Invest only in your family, friends and community.
Invest only in family real estate.
Invest in your families education. Which may and most likely will mean homeschooling.
Divest from all corporations, banks, mutual funds and retirement accounts. Hard choices.
Only do business with those who have honor and actual working respect of the purple words below.
Begin to develop these financial transitions now. Will that mean no shopping at Walmart or Target? Probably.
Added on 07 March 2017: I have added some content and made very minor edits.
If a Corporate Oligarchy is allowed to become established. Then over time what is written will a corporate oligarchy will evolve into. 
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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