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US Navy Fast Frigates: (Unedited): 19 April 2017:

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U.S. Fast Frigates

While every nation in the world is building their own war machines for a future war. The US Navy is planning to build what can be considered to be an up-rated U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter. It seems to have only the most basic of armaments for the export market and limited capabilities for the U.S. Navy especially at only 418 feet in length or a loss of 35 feet from the decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry Class Missile Frigates. The loss of 35 feet is also a loss of missile offense/defense capabilities. With a speed of only about 28 knots. It is woefully inadequate in comparison to the new Chinese Three Hull frigates with a limited top speed of 45 knots. Speed is both a defensive and offensive counter measure in itself.  Also, at only about 28 knots the frigates cannot keep up with the unclassified top speed of the new Ford Class Air Craft Carrier of about 30 knots. Any new surface warship built should be able to stay with the current lead warships which are the Air Craft Carriers at their classified top sustained speed. For the entire time the lead ship is at top speed. The lead warships should not have to slow down just so the other ships can keep up. This creates tactical disadvantages.
There is another advantage the new frigate could also be used. The new fast frigate can also be used as a support ship for the Littoral Combat ships (LCS). These ultra fast 45 knot ships are rumored to be defensively weak and yet can outrun about anything. By creating a new Fast Frigate which can keep pace with the LCS. You enhance the survivability of the LCS ships.
The next new U.S. Navy Frigates should be superior in every way as compared to the decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry Class Missile Frigates. Even in speed.  The new U.S. Frigates should be in the 490 foot length. The added length adds more lethality to the Frigates. If the tri-hull outriggers are added. Then they should each contain water jets. Which would mean the new U.S. Frigates would have four identical water jet engine capability.  The new ships have a capability on par with older destroyers while yet being capable to distribute lethality across a variety of ranges and at top speed.
The integration of systems is the new buzz word in the defense world. One good integration capability is this new Fast Frigate should be able to integrate fire control while in port. So that if while in port a threat is detected by land and air defense commander's. Then the readily available missile assets on board any U.S. Frigate can be used by them. This one capability can become a mobile air/ballistic defense system for the coasts of America and for friendly nations.  The missile(s) launched by land based fire control command can be also guided to target. Which means the new frigates should have the Mark 41 VLS and be able to be upgraded to the Mark 57 when and if it becomes available for use.
Because of all of the components needed for a frigate. The German practice of having two variants of ships should also be considered. One standard Fast Frigate missile Fighter and one Fast Air Defense Frigate. If the modular building practice can be useful. Then one hull form can be made while being able to add and delete components as needed. I think this can be useful if a commonality of sizes and shapes can be standardized for weapons and sensor platforms. 
Added on 20 April 2017: Comment on Real Clear Defense today. News report above this.
It is easy to spend money when your not responsible for it. I say that to myself and to everyone else who have their own plans for this weapons systems or that weapons system or the build them all crowd. Sometimes I'm in the build them all crowd. Yea I know. I'm a janitor. So Hey.
I think it is necessary to build about 40+ Air Defense Frigates each in the length of about 490 feet. This would entail that 4 be assigned with each Carrier Strike group. The new frigates must have the capability to target and destroy the knew Mach 8+ missiles at varying distances. I just do not think the actual mechanical hardware of the CIWS is even capable of last defense of these anti-carrier killers.
By assigning these new Frigates or fast Frigates which needs to be able to maintain a sustained speed of 45Knots. Should also be able to fire on any threat as well. The New frigates should be positioned around the aircraft carrier outside the circle of Destroyers and Cruisers. Thus becoming the first to shoot any incoming threats. The new Frigates should also have Mark 41 VLS and be upgrade-able to the new Mark 57 VLS.
These new Air Defense Frigates should be able to plug the holes in air defense which may not be adequately addressed today.
Also, Since there may be huge problems with the LCS program. (I'm being nice). Two frigates can be assigned to a primary LCS warship for specific missions. Which is another reason why the new fast frigates need to at least match the top speed of the LCS warships.
The standard Fast missile Frigate. Should also number about 40+ warships. These should be able to integrate into the lead ship or Air Craft Carrier for fire control options.
An optional CIWS missile Frigate. Specifically for the Iranian threats. A frigate which can destroy a lot of fast little ships and destroy their command and control centers at the same time. Maybe even launch some long distance missiles to other secret places that janitors don't know about.
The addition of a new generation of Frigates. Will enhance the survivability of all surface ships involved. By being out there in the line of fire. To be willing to take the first strikes so that mission success will be heightened.
Added on 21 April 2017:
I was just thinking about the US Coast Guard and MAD(Mutually Assured destruction). They should have a certain number of these fast frigates. If they are built. Which could number about 20 or more. Then strategically positioned around the USA. To challenge any threat. Even then 20 is to few as Alaska would need about that many to counter the Russian Navy buildups in that region. That would be 10 Air defense frigates and 10 Missile Frigates.
Added on 04 July 2017:
The US is the only nation in the world associated with MAD. So to change the letters it is now called SAD or Singularly Assured Destruction.
Added on 07 July 2017:
These new Fast Frigates which won't be built. Should have an ability to shoot down ballistic missiles. By placing the Ballistic Missiles directly behind the Superstructure. Especially if the Ballistic Missile  defense missiles are very long.
Since the North Koreans have made more news recently especially with the revealing and a working Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. The game with North Korea has changed. It is now more crucial than ever to build my idea for this fast frigate with anti ballistic missile capability. The USA needs more than 150 Fast Frigates right now.
Added on 11 July 2017: My response to a story on Defense News. I usually get deleted.
Sir, I did notice the comment that you do not want the size of the new frigate to compete with the destroyer. That is understandable. But, if your talking about the size of a coast Guard National Security Cutter. Because, of saving money on a common hull design. I think the CGNS cutters are to short. It seems to have only the most basic of armaments for the export market and limited capabilities for the U.S. Navy especially at only 418 feet in length or a loss of 35 feet from the decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry Class Missile Frigates. The loss of 35 feet is also a loss of missile offense/defense capabilities. You will not be able to place all of the commonly distributed technologies and a adequate amount of a variety of missiles as well as the very heavy Phalanx CIWS or even increased power generation for future weapons.
I do think the new fast frigates need to approach the length close to the German frigates. Just so you can pack a healthy compliment of a variety of missiles. Is that gonna be 490 feet at 490 feet you are getting close to competing with destroyers. If any disagreement gets hot and bombs, bullets and missiles fly. I do not think the destroyers are gonna complain about a large fast frigate shooting down more targets then it was supposed to. But an under gunned warship or a warship lacking in missile quantity. Is gonna cost you lives and equipment.
I do think you need to build five variants of the new fast frigates.
(1).An ASW frigate, Anti-Submarine warfare.
(2).An Air Defense frigate with a ballistic missile capability.
(3).A Anti-Ballistic Missile/anti-satellite frigate which can engage High Earth Orbit Satellites. The anti-satellite Missile batteries can hide behind the super structure.
(4). A dedicated Naval attack frigate. This fast frigate will deal with swarm style attacks. It should have a big gun fore and aft. As well along the sides of the frigate a bunch of Block 1B PSuM Phalanx CIWS.
(5).Fast frigate with outriggers. This frigate would have four to five water jets or one water jet within each outrigger. Enough Bow Thrusters to quickly turn even at speed. This would also be a multi mission platform. It's primary purpose would be to escort the LCS or the Air Craft Carrier through tight places or dangerous missions. This fast frigate would chase and eliminate threats. In KA mode.The KA model would needs guns and missiles. I would suppose this would be for a short range visual threats. Like pirates.
Mr. Rear Admiral, To compete with China, North Korea, Iran, Russia and other problem places. It looks like you need 150 490 foot long Fast Frigates right now.  
Added on 29 July 2017: This is my comment on
Since everyone in the military deletes my comments. Here they are.
The US NAVY may have an opportunity to build a new Frigate class of surface ship. Modern day Frigates can have a maximum length of about 490+ feet. A new Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer Flight IIA is 510 feet in length. Maybe, it would be better to build new Burkes which is beyond Flight III. Or Build the 490+ foot Frigates as specialty ships. But, what can be achieved with specialty Frigates? How much better can a dedicated 490+ foot specialty frigate than a Burke or what ever next generation destroyer comes about?
A). General Purpose Missile Frigate.
This particular model may be disregarded for the destroyers. Or built for the US Department of Homeland security Coast Guard. And/or built on an already existing smaller 418 foot National Security Cutter hull(To Small). This version may not have a set up for any helicopters. It's purpose is to go ugly.
B). ASW. Mine Warfare Frigate.
Anti Submarine Warfare is critical and is now more than just known submarine classes. Submersible drones is now an emerging threat.
C). Air Defense Frigate.
This particular frigate would stay in close proximity to their lead ship such as an Air Craft carrier. Or it could stay in port in a safe and secure position with all of their systems active and controlled by a distant authority. Outfitted with a variety of RADAR systems and sensor packages. When coordinated and networked together with other Land based and space based assets. You now have a mobile/Naval Air Defense Missile system. Automated Air defense guns are still necessary as they will be needed to defend against drone swarms which may target sensor and RADAR panels. Air Defense against weapons of attrition. So as not to exhaust your expensive primary weapons. Like Israel has done. 
D). ABM and Anti Satellite Frigate. (NEW)
This particular frigate would stay in close proximity to their lead ship such as an Air Craft Carrier. Or it could stay in port in a safe and secure position with all of their systems active and control by a distant authority. This would be a very important design build. A surface ship which has the capabilities to track, target and engage any hyper velocity weapon or rocket. Is a necessary New Naval Platform. This may be the one future Naval platform which may be expanded into other newer classes of ships.

By Pairing together (C) and (D). You now have a layered system. This would be important for places like Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, D.C., North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Japan alone would need at least 6 pairs. Just to counter their own sandwiched threats. Hawaii would need 4 pairs. Alaska would need 6-12 pairs. D.C. would need 1-2 pair. Each American Naval Port would need 1 pair each. Taiwan under American flag would need 2 pairs. The North Atlantic would need 7 pairs. 
By bringing together (B), (C) and (D). You have a forward, rear or flanking capability which adds deeper dimensional which has not been seen before in any American battle group. Since there are about 20 Air Craft Carriers of different sizes and functions. You will need at least 60-80 specialty frigates. These additional specialty frigates would cause your larger ships and boats to maintain a deeper focus on their own missions. Whereas the mission of the frigate should be the protection of the larger ships or ports.

All versions can be a for sale model. Outfitted with what the purchasing nation desires. Sell nothing to Turkey or India.
New idea for all surface and land based generators, sensors and RADAR installations/units. Air defense against Weapons Of Attrition(WOA). This would be a small caliber bullet (7.62 NATO) to be used against drones and people legally. The definition of small to be determined by those who know more than me. Maybe a miniaturized version of the Phalanx. To be directly connected to the Aegis system. Maybe this idea can be applied to all ships. 
Added on 03 August 2017: Comment on here:

On one hand the National Security Cutter Hull seems like a good design idea for a new US Navy Frigate Class. But when you take into account that the new frigates being built are far more larger than the National Security Cutter. With a length of only 418 feet it is just a bit bigger than the new Russian Corvettes and a bit smaller than the new generation of Frigates. So in capability how will the new US Frigate be compared to? A Corvette or a Frigate? Because it seems that there is a new definition of Corvette and Frigate. If the US calls the new Ship a Frigate. Will it become an embarrassment to the US NAVY? Especially when a new modern era Corvette can easily send the new US Frigate to the bottom. I know it is far to early to debate what it can and cannot do. There is only so much you can put on a 418 foot ship. Especially when the Number one ranked Frigate in the world is the Russian Gorshkov Class is 443 feet long and the number nine ranked Chinese Type 054A is 440 feet long. While other new Frigates are longer coming in at 469 feet for the German Sachsen Class and 453 feet for the Denmark Iver Huitfeldt Class. Then Spain with the Alvaro De Bazan Class at 481 feet. The French comes in at 466 feet. The USA can't allow the French to have a longer Frigate. I'm sorry. NO!
Side Note: I love the French and I'm thankful for the French. But No way in the hot place. My French comment is meant in the friendly competitive manor.
Added on 24 Aug 2017: US Military/Navy: If all of your sensors/RADAR systems can be fooled, spoofed, degraded and/or over loaded. Then all of your ships, boats, planes, missiles and other weapons systems are completely useless, helpless and defenseless. This needs to be fixed. before you do anything else. The US Military may also need a new and more secure generation of 32+ GPS satellites. With zero skimping on money. if all of the modern day technology is tied to the GPS for accuracy and you engineer all of your weapons systems around the fact. Then any attack on the GPS network causes the whole to be degraded. To the point where the human element knows not where their own ship is located. If this is true. Then how can any weapon fired know where it is and where a target is with any certainty. Especially THAAD or Patriot or anything else. Wish I could talk with someone about Patriot. Oh Well.
10 Oct 2017: Australia in the Frigate news:  (A destroyer called a frigate???)
I do like the new sizes of frigates. Except. They lack firepower as well as other capabilities. I do like the 26. Did I already say not enough guns.
Will the 26 also make it to the US Navy?
The big huge problem I see other than the lack of lots of guns. Is the ability to build it for at least three nations. To build them before 2025. Have those crews trained before 2025.
Here is an idea for the US Navy. Have Great Britain and Australia build their new Model #26 Frigates as well as American frigates. Thus, driving their costs per unit down and selling us those that we want. Also, adding in the American built units. Everyone benefits. Especially, when Japan, new Zealand and Israel desire to participate.
Go back up and read again how many units and models of units the USA needs right now.
DO NOT INCLUDE TURKEY OR SAUDI ARABIA or india IN ANYTHING.  Whatever high tech military leases you have with these two nations. Let them expire and or move them out then or now.
Do not sell anything to India either. They may realign with China and Russia.
Added on 05 Nov 2017:
Is there really a class of light frigates? or is the USA going to be the ones who go with a new light frigate class of warships?
Added on 04 April 2018:
Well new news regarding the US Navy Frigate FFG(X) in which no real new news is available. Yes, it will have RADAR and sensors. Yes, it will have a variety of missiles. Oh wait it will also have up to Seven 11 meter semi rigid inflatable boats.
If this new FFG Frigate has all of the toys listed as well as modular upgrade-ability. Especially for power. Then this new ship isn't going to be 418 feet long. Craming that much stuff on a small bass boat won't work. Ask any red neck.  So this new Frigate must be longer than the Coast Guard NS Cutter and hopefully (BETTER BE) longer than the French Frigate. In order to future proof. I do think the French are in the lead for the new definition of Frigates sizes as has been done in the past when new capabilities required longer ships. Go and check your Naval history. It is real fun.  Yes, this does mean that the American destroyers would be now mini destroyers and the soon to be retired Cruisers the new destroyers. Well, maybe by 2040. The new definitions may take place when those ranking folks decide to do so.

Recheck all of the worlds Frigates in Wiki. New stuff are often times added while misleading stuff are deleted.
Also, and update to a new idea I have had recently. But, is listed above somewhere in this post-I think. Not just for frigates. All ships.
The new Frigate FFG(X). Should have incorporated into both sides of the ship. 2 - 4 new types of CIWS Phalanx Junior and little sister. 7.62mm and 5.56mm. Each with their own RADAR and IR sensor packages. These should be connected to the Aegis and used for drone swarms as well as little boats filled with dumb people. The programming for these guns should also have a command for all guns for one super threat incoming target. Which means put as much lead into the sky as possible.
By having a pair of 7.62 and a pair of 5.56 on one side of the boat they can shoot in panic mode a swirling fashion in a predictable manor especially when a screwy Russian Hyper missile approaches.
Each of the new Phalanx Junior and Little Sister should have many Tens of thousands of rounds in their fat little bellies. Fat bellies means happy kids. Right? Especially when your kid is on that war ship.
Think about ten thousand attrition damage drones coming at your carrier in a staggered cloud formation and then another coming in at your rear. How are you gonna shoot them all? Then right behind that are the real dangerous missiles. Then right behind the missiles comes the surface ships and planes bent on planting you on the bottom of the ocean or worse capturing your now defenseless ships and crews. Comment deleted-Think about your worst fears Admiral.
24 May 2018: New janitorial mental frigate drama.
I think I'm out of the new Fast Frigate game. I may be in the Frigate game for the US Coast Guard. Thus, Giving the Coast Guard some much needed teeth. So as long as the US Coast Guard receives about 150 of these new fast frigates with AD/ABM capabilities.
Here is my dilemma. The US Navy has begun building the Flight III Burkes. To a tune of about 22 of them. Hopefully after the 22 are actually built. Flight IV's will then be built in quantities of more than 20. Yea, I know the Flight IV's were cancelled. So instead of building any Navy Frigates how about just build more Burkes? I can go along with that. Except you need at least fifty of these by 2025. AND since nothing is publically known on the drawing board for a new US Navy Cruiser how about designing the new ones with full anti-ballistic missile capabilities as well as anti-satellite? Then build fifty to one hundred of the new Cruisers. Or two for every aircraft carrier no matter class.
I do think all of the current Navy destroyers and Navy Cruisers and all assets. All need to have life extensions. Nothing as in no ships and no boats gets retired. Everything gets weaponized, modernized and updated. All ranked in order from Easy Peasy to what in the hot place is that mess. Yes, The US Navy must develop a new CIWS Phalanx Junior(PJ) for all drone and Iranian bass boat defense. Then this PJ gets welded to every and all ships. Including those folks who have never lost a coast.
This just is bad for the USA. Because 2025 is a key year as well as 2030. There just isn't enough money. The US Navy must find every ship and boat and get them all sea worthy as quickly as possible. Then begin extensive training for the next seven or so years.
Added on 03 June 2018: FREMM multipurpose frigate News:
The first thing I immediately notice about the Fremm MF is the lack of guns. I'm sorry. You don't need ten dinghies. If a questionable ship is not going to be obedient to one dinghy. Then you have not shot it enough yet. Besides do you understand the mess your gonna have with all of those dinghies? I ain't gonna clean it up. It is easier to clean up casings then dinghy stuff. 
Also, the Fremm is rated number what in the world? Sorry. 
Note: The use of the word "Guns" means missiles and every other weapon available. 
I've been looking at the Fremm for the possibility of become the US Navy's next gen frigate. The Fremm can be upto 474 feet long with about a 66 foot beam. The Burke destroyers are 509 feet long and a 66 foot beam. The Burke is only 35 feet longer and how much more weapons and capabilities does it have? So I would choose the Burkes over the Fremm anyday. Since the Burkes are going into Flight III building. I would move all of those Fast Frigate monies into Burke monies. Something which must be considered right now. Is that Russia is out of MAD with the advent of the S 500 and the recent successful weapons test at 480 KM. Really.....  So how did the RADAR see the target let alone engage the target which is moving on the other side of the curvature of the Earth. I really hope you smart and important people see what I do. Russia is out of MAD. period... If you can't see it then you need to go work graveyard at a 7/11 hood store.  So that means every Destroyer, Cruiser and AirCraft carrier must have those necessary updates, modifications and additions to engage all ballistic targets as well as satellite targets. 
Added on 07 July 2018:
I have been thinking about the building more capable Burkes over A new Frigate. It has been over a month. I've dedicated much time on this naval issue. This is what I think. Build more Flight III Burkes and no frigates. Then once the Flight IV Burkes are in the ready. Build them and no frigates. 
In regards to the soon to be retired Cruisers. Extend their lives while upgrading where ever you can. Then engineer a new anti ballistic missile Cruiser at a length of more than 830+ feet. Build two per battle group or One per critical port.
Added on 16 July 2018:
The USA has been a military leader for the last 50 years and has now found itself  on the cusps of losing that designation. I have been thinking more about the evolution of Naval warship sizes. I would suppose that in order to define the current modern day size of a frigate you have to look at your largest capital ship capabilities are. The Missile Cruiser is the biggest ship that any military wants to build. It is apparent that if a missile cruiser has a certain quantity of primary weapons. Then the next smaller ship which is the Missile Destroyer should have half of what the Missile Cruiser has. Then the next smaller ship being the Missile frigate should have about half of what the Missile destroyers has. Then the Missile Corvette should have about half of what the Missile Frigate has. So you cannot build the next generation frigate until you know what the next generation Missile Cruiser is gonna have as its primary weapons. Plus, you need to know all of the capabilities of the current big dog Frigate and that is the Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov has ?48VLS?. You have to supercede this top dog frigate. Building from known inferior hull designs is not what leaders do. Sorry. I think adding 12 additional VLS is sufficient to become a top dog. 
Next Generation Missile Battleship should have 480+ Vertical Launch System. 
Next Generation Missile Cruiser should have 240+ Vertical Launch Missile System. This number is only for the primary missiles. 
Next Generation Destroyer should have 120+ Vertical Launch Missile System.
Next Generation Frigate should have 60+ Vertical Launch Missile System. 
Next Generation Corvette should have 30+ Vertical Launch Missile System.
Next Generation Coast Guard Cutter should have 15+ Vertical Launch Missile System.
Then once you add all of the other weapons, RADAR's, sensors, power generation, Future weapons capabilities. Command, Control, Computers, Communications and other C words. You will know just how big your ships need to be. 
Frigate News:
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