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Rainbow Removal Prophecy +2: (Unedited): 26 June 2017:

This is something which has been on my mind for sometime now. I just do not know how to write it or even how it could happen. (27 June 2017)I have included the parable of the tenants. It seems related just don't know how yet. Maybe, it is a new understanding. Which should be evaluated by you/those who are way smarter than I am.
The symbols of God which are used for evil shall be removed by God, their associated blessings and protections. May also be removed as well to some degree as defined by God who judges all with absolute righteousness.
The rainbow shall be removed from the Earth.
How does something like that happen? Scientifically speaking. How would the absence of a rainbow have an effect upon this whole earth and the life upon it? Would that mean the removal of all water vapor in the sky? The disappearance of all clouds? What would be the cause to achieve this effect? Who would be to blame the godless or the Christian or the religious? or all of the above?
If the rainbow is a promise from God for the benefit of all life. Then it is everyone and every religion which shall be affected by the absence of the rain bow.
Added on 27 June 2017:
So what would humanity have to do which would precede this kind of event? What other kinds of human atrocities would humanity have to collectively agree to? Even through inaction and silence?Would this be tied to the two men who will come and walk upon the Earth and whose death would be celebrated by the whole world? Then in three days. They get up.
Consider this. There is always depth in every reasoning of each story told in the Holy Bible. So as long as they do not conflict.
What if the tenants is all of humanity instead of just the Jewish people. What if the vineyard is all of the Earth and not just Israel. Think about this. Hasn't there been teaching that we all are responsible for the torture and killing of Jesus Christ because of all of our sins? So, my what if questions seems very valid. Because if I tortured and killed Jesus because of my sins. Than I am one of the tenants. So wouldn't that also mean all of the harm humanity causes to this planet is against the Landlord which is God.
I think historically speaking. Every society in history had no problems in the killing of prophets who happened to have offended the king in some manor. That evidence seems to be everywhere in the Holy Bible.
Here is something to think about. How is Jesus attitude upon his return to Earth? Is He happy? Is He angry? How is it that you dance and sing of His return when you know how is attitude will be upon His return? You probably should re-study those prophecies.
I can assure you of this. I'm not interested in meeting an angry God or an angry Jesus. Remember the fig tree?
Heart Change: (Unedited): 27 June 2017:
A prophet is for those who are disobedient and who yet may have the heart for change.
NOTE: I did not include the Gospel of Thomas. I to believe it is lacking in this one story.
Disobedient Change: (Unedited): 27 June 2017:
A prophecy is for those wayward souls who are disobedient and who yet may have a softened heart for change.
When any bad or sad prophecy is directed to you, your people, your nation and your planet. It is best that you and everyone else change. Change being that where God becomes your Heavenly father and you become holy and righteous as which is only accepted by God. All without any pride, ego, arrogance, supremacy and entitlements. Because it is coming and when it does. You won't matter so much. You think Sodom and Gomorrah was bad. It will be worse for all of humanity. Because of the Holy Bible and all of it's prophecies which are contained within. Do not expect a Jonah to come to cause us to save ourselves. Because, it is evident that when the two brothers come. The whole world will be against them. What does that say for a transforming Christianity into accepting sins into their holy places.
Note: Those people who have no desire, want or need for change into become a good human being. They may already have become one of the living judged. They are the ones who will ridicule any prophecy or genuine prophet.
Mentor's promising Words: (Unedited): 27 June 2017:
A mentor's promising positive words is for those who are still obedient and who yet still have a good heart, mind and spirit. 
Note: Any person can be either a mentor and a prophet at the same time. If you want to find one. Go look in the hood. No, I'm not a prophet. I just am good at seeing things differently. That's all. I'm to much of a deeply flawed human being.
To avert all of the coming bad and sad prophecies. We each must decide to do the following everyday, every hour, every minute and every second.

To Love one another.

To live in peace with everyone.

To exist in harmony with all.

To Cherish all life.

To be obedient to the Laws of God.

To become righteous and holy by the accepting eyes of God only.
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