Saturday, June 9, 2012

Humanities Inhumanity (unedited). 25 march 2012

Humanities inhumanity can always be easily seen in what the whole world does about abuse, torture and abandonment of their children. C.J.MacKechnie
 Want to stifle crime in your Country? No politician can end crime or even diminish crime. If any political leader claims they can. Then they are actively lying to you and to the rest of the people. The prison system in the USA is a for profit entity and big financial supporters to politicians. Thus, a politician has no incentive to ease crime. A politician does have an incentive to make laws which create more crime. Thus, making more money for the prison corporations. 

 This is a problem that only the common people can change. Abused, tortured and abandoned children grow up to become the next generation of adult criminals. Look at any FBI statistics of crime and especially related to foster kids.
Stop abusing your own children.
Good law abiding citizens who are productive members of society. Take in these abused children. Through your continued mentoring. The probability of them becoming criminals or societies rejects goes down.
If the 500,000 plus abused foster kids within the USA had positive role models and mentors. Then positive and effective changes can occur. I believe that number of 500,000 kids is a low number and would grow to 1 million. If the governments knew that genuine good people were willing to take in these abused kids without the primary reward of a monthly paycheck. 
With 1 million abused kids in safe and loving homes. Within 10 years all crime rate statistics would plummet. Yep, All of them.

Did you know that every state in the USA claims that there is virtually zero abuse in the foster care system in their states. Those state foster care managers actively lie and deceive for their own purposes. Yet, I have not met very many former foster kids who had a good experience in foster care. As a matter of fact. To this day, Foster kids come to the conclusion that they are better off on the streets than in foster care. Really... Not true but really...

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: