Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pipe Dream (unedited). 17 March 2012

The after meal fortune cookie. Will always be a worthless pipe dream.
Especially, when your always unwilling to accept any kind of positive encouragement.
When your unwilling to make any right and correct positive changes in your life.
(The old ways of defining right, correct and positive applies).
 It is easy to feel good after your meal and reading a positive message from your fortune cookie. You may not even realize that there are no negative quotes inside a fortune cookie. Unlike in your real life. When you need to consider change in your life for any kind of positive improvement. You will eventually need to take action and continuous action until the thing you choose is complete. Unlike the fortune cookie, your life requires you to take action. The only action a fortune cookie requires is in the reading.
Dreams and goals are those things which you look forward to in life. It is OK to have grand and big dreams and goals. For they allow to to reach far greater heights than just a simple dream and goal. Which may be simple and easy to attain. Which even they are OK. When your family or spouse has abandoned you. Then progressing through the conquering of small goals is acceptable.
The nurse story. Back when my body was trying to die a nurse was checking on me and she told me about all of her accomplishments in becoming a Real Nurse or RN (Yea, Its trucker lingo cometh). She said she had made mistakes in her life and began at the very low level of blood sucker (Phlebotomy). She worked hard over the years and just continued to go to school without cessation. Now she was an RN. She told me she never considered being an RN or any other level above blood sucker. But, The opportunities kept manifesting and she never said no or offered some lame excuse of why she can't. Her life and the lives of her fatherless children are better off.
To be an RN Nurse can take a few years. It took her more than 10 years, if I remember her story correctly.

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