Saturday, June 9, 2012

Negative Fail (unedited). 16 March 2012

To question: How much is to much are your doubts. Those doubts of negative logic always leads to doubts into negative emotions. Which then leads to a fail in the heat of any battle. C.J.MacKechnie
Learning how to control your every thought and emotion is very possible. Even though some psychologists and psychiatrists claim otherwise. In which some have to claim the falsehood of being able to to learn the skills to control your own thoughts and emotions. These are evil people and only want you to remain helpless to their pharmacology prescriptions forever. How else can these kinds of evil people make a growing and continuing income if they enable and empower you to heal your own self. Which is possible for you. Through positive belief systems. 
Meditation is the very beginning to learning how to control your thoughts and emotions. Meditation only works when you can control your thoughts and emotions. As the length of time evolves in your meditations duration so to the over all effect upon your life in a positive way. Just don't stop. Just don't give up. Fight the negativity with absolute rejection of any negative word usage. Stop thinking any negative word or thought, right now. Every success you have will also end the corresponding negative emotion. Unless of course your an Empath. Then you may be receiving emotions from other people. Then that presents other problems. 
I'm a believer in GOD. So, to me prayer is you talking to GOD and meditation is you listening to GOD. This is followed by contemplating what GOD has revealed to you. 
So, you say you have never prayed or meditated before. I declare upon you this. Yes, You have both prayed and meditated before. 
Have you expressed communication in any outgoing format?
 yes, you have. This is an over simplified definition of prayer. You speaking to others in your way is prayer. 
Have you ever taken in any kind of communication into any of your senses?
 Yes, you have.  You listening and reading is an over simplified definition of meditation.
If you have a provable brain defect or brain damage. Then absolutely follow your doctors orders everyday with out any argument, complaint or excuse. This does not include the diagnosis of ADHD or Bipolar disorders in which there is no conclusive medical test today,which proves the existence of either. If you have been on the medications which controls behaviors associated with false observations. You are now severely addicted to these powerful mind altering medications. You may even now have chemical brain damage as any other person who has taken illegal drugs for some time. You must ask for treatment as any other addicted person would. Then learn the thinking skills necessary to live a normal life as defined by your own being. This process can take decades. Yes, It is possible.  
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”: