Monday, June 18, 2012

Limited Inability (unedited). 16 June 2012

The limited options in your life. Is directly related to your inability to see and to manifest opportunities in your life. C.J.MacKechnie
 Options and Opportunities are of your creation, development and manifestation.Working for more options and for more opportunities is important for the continuation of continued options and opportunities. 
Long term goals and plans. May seem irrelevant in the here and now. Especially, when you see other people around you who only play and have much fun. There is a great cost to their excessive short term and short sighted pursuits.  There will a cost to their bodies, heart, mind and spirit. 
Do not be deterred in your hard and smart endeavors.
Think about a sporting match of any kind. While only a few play the game, The many sit and watch. While the few get paid to play the game, The many must pay to watch the game. 
Do you want to be the few or the many.
A few work hard, work smart and are dedicated to their individual endeavor. While the many do not see the sense to put forth the effort to do a thing.
What it is worth to you. No matter what and or how you decide be content with your decisions. It's OK to be a spectator, just as it is OK to be the one who plays the game. Its OK.

Edited versions will be in future volumes of  "Musings of an American Truck Driver".
Musings of an American Truck Driver