Tuesday, July 31, 2012

False Prophets: (unedited): 31 July 2012

False Prophet, False leaders and False Holy Men. 
Will always lead a person away from the divine truth.
Will always stress for you to follow their greatness and perfected holiness as defined by them.
Will always want and demand from you to obey their every divine word corrupted by them.
Will always lead you away from the GOD of your creation.
Will always mask their deceptions in the word of GOD.
Will always encourage to love one another and proclaim it is OK to hate them.
Will always teach the calm of peace while speaking of the great holy struggle and of the divine war.
Will always sing in beautiful soft song of harmony and expect chaotic demonstrations from you.
Will always speak of the sanctity of life while agreeing with the right of abortion.  
NOTE: The paths to GOD is by Love, Peace, Harmony and Life. Any contradiction to those four basic foundational words is not of GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER.
One tool used by false men of GOD is racism. This is a lie and deception. Recently proven more than 11 years ago. From the conclusive factual evidence of the completion of the Human Genome Project.
Which proves that we all have 99.9% identical DNA. That proves we are all one human family, One human race. Around 1984 The DNA finger Print eluded to the same conclusion.
Any leader who claims another is less than human to any degree is a liar and a deceiver. It matters not his position of State or declaration of voted upon holiness. They are the true enemies of GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. It matters not if you like or love any one of these false men of deceit.

Will be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver".
No other copies made. No ink.

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