Monday, July 16, 2012

Migrate Back (unedited) 14 March 2012

As is with all things. When the part time day fades into all the time day light. Know, Your ultimate extinction is imminent if your species cannot migrate back outward into the part time darkness of your galaxy.
Added on 03 June 2016:
The journey or return to the center of oneness causes the all that is to become an undefined of what was only to reemerge again as something which shall be redefined as something all together different. thus, continuation is perpetuated.
As a very young species. if we want to avoid becoming a part of the oneness. We all must collectively decide to make that grand journey out into the outer bands of the galaxy. If the children which shall come many many years from now. Do not begin to take those very foot steps out into the very defined outer limits of this solar system. Our extinction shall be guaranteed and all that we all were shall become erased from the whole of the universe. Once this solar system has aged and journeyed back into the center of this galaxy. If we as a specific species are remembered by others who are more mature than us. then their thoughts and knowledge of human beings will be one as a failure to thrive on many levels.
But, if humanity is in the foretold prophetic era. Then our extinction is at hand now. All because we failed to learn to love one another, To live in peace with each other, to exist in harmony with all, to respect and cherish all life and to freely choose to be obedient to the laws of God. All because it is the right things to do. It would be interesting to encounter the problem of existing in a time where life on this entire planet endures perpetual day light. I'm pretty sure life would be very different. To see the human species begin to make the journey to another solar system with this planet to continue on. This is the ultimate saving of Earth and of our home.
This is not about traveling back into the darkness. This is about becoming your own light which dispels any darkness. This is about all of us becoming a light which shall shine brighter than the whole combined galaxy of light. So that even if your surrounded by perpetual darkness. None of the darkness can touch you. But, you do have to choose. You have to freely choose to live and to live in accordance to those ancient teachings which are both guidelines and laws which perpetuate life worth living. If we as a human species choose not to live in accordance to those old precepts. Then we as a species fail to become worthy to continue on and we all shall perish.
What shall be our collective hope? Can we all come together to rebound out of this path of death and destruction which shall become eminent. Because, that is prophecy. The extinction of all of humanity is at hand. Granted that may take another 30 years or so. But, it is coming. Every nation who has the ability to make their perspective war machines are doing so right now and it is easy to see. That those war machines will be ready soon. I still think the first peoples who shall taste a great disaster first shall be either Japanese or the Americans. To be followed by the Europeans. This will not be the same as the man made political disaster such as being experienced by Venezuela.
NOTE: Our ultimate human survival is absolutely dependent on  our collective ability to travel back into the outer bands of the galaxy.
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