Tuesday, August 7, 2012

American Contraction: (unedited): 04 Aug 2012

The demise of the American Dream, The American standard and The American way of life. Will be taught and preached to the American common person by the traitorous teachers and preachers of American Contraction. C.J.MacKechnie
The American Traitors will convince the American common people to abandon their desires of betterment and of wanting more ( The broadest sense of wanting more, which includes selfish and unselfish wants). The American political Traitors will create an environment where the American Common people will want to leave the big cities as crime becomes uncontrollable and businesses have shut their doors and have moved.
The agrarian way of life will become the new American Standard. A completely defenseless society solely dependent on the federal government for all things. The federal government becomes a state/ piece of the one world government.
In the agrarian way of life. There will be no technology, minimal education and minimal medical care. There will be no retirement, no ownership, no vacations, no down time, no hope for betterment, no chance to improve your status or social position and no real freedoms.
The American people who willingly choose the agrarian lifestyle from a position of planned and created fears will take a step towards One world generational enslavement.
Also, To note, There will be no machines to till, to plant, to harvest any crops. All work will be done manually and by hand.
This is a communistic tactic as have been done in Cuba and China. Not to the extent as will be done in America. In one generation all will be gone.
I believe the decision of the world has already been made. A world without Americans, American hopes, American excellence and American dreams. It is acceptable to them all.    
Will be included in future volumes of "Musings of an American Truck Driver"