Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Controlled Cowards:(Unedited): 05 Aug 2012

The most outspoken intellectual elites who have taught the superior nature of socialism and communism. Will receive their bloody exit papers. When the American demise is complete. They will be replaced with easily controlled intellectual cowards who can be entrusted to only do as told. 
Prophetic.Those American College professors who have only taught the superior benefits of socialism, communism and progressive-ism. Did their part in the demise of the USA. These traitors have been teaching the young Americans for over 50 years a progressive way of thinking and believing. The communistic evolution of the young American is nearly complete as the overwhelming majority think and believe they are either democrat or republican. When the truth is they are either socialist or communist.
There is a greater and unseen disease of progressive-ism which has been covertly used to convert the young free thinking American into the desired socialist or communist. All without ever proclaiming such things. The new young college educated adults are progressive thinkers. Which means they will progress beyond a state of socialism and communism. Mixed in with their self serving apathetic hearts. A great evil is about to be born or already has been.
Technological advancements of automation, drone and robotic warfare removes the good hearted and sane person out of the loop of total insanity.