Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Systems Failure: (unedited): 05 Aug 2012

The people will leave the large cities and suburbs. When the traitorous American government outlaws the citizens ability to defend themselves and creates systems of failure in Law Enforcement, judiciary, and Incarceration. C.J.MacKechnie
Prophetic.  Already happening in California. Where city governments are refusing to enforce certain laws. The federal government is refusing to enforce immigration laws. Which means one of two things. The government is corrupt or the USA borders no longer exists. The one thing which defines a national status is its maintenance and enforcement of border access controls.
The judiciary at all levels of government have been effectively decimated. Which causes a huge strain on the law enforcement community. When bad men and women can walk freely amongst the civilized population. Modern Society fails. These bad men and women have an entire lifetime of breaking laws. Incarceration is supposed to be a disciplinary action which corrects bad behavior. When incarceration does not correct bad behavior the whole of the system is a failure. It is common knowledge that the inmates of any prison are the ones who control the jail. It is not the jailers. A prison cultural has risen up and is even a preferred way of life for some inmates. There is zero incentive for a bad man to become a good man.
With overcrowding of jails and prisons. The judiciary  must ease population limits by decreasing the time a bad person stays in jail. The politicians enact new laws which eases the peoples minds without ever solving the hard fundamental problem. That some bad people will always be bad. The loss of life in the civilian and law enforcement community is indirectly the cause of corrupt politicians. The continued victimization's of good people is indirectly the cause of corrupt politicians. It matters not the political affiliations.
The good people will begin to leave the big cities. Where the safety of their families is in great mortal danger.
I think this is and has been the long term plan of Traitorous Government politicians. It matters not the political affiliation. The plan is one global government. The large cities are great assets to this One world government. Those who will be permitted to live and do business in these great cities of the former USA. Will be those approved persons of the world. The former American citizen will become non people and will be forced by the world body to repay all debts accumulated by all of their duly elected former political leaders. The agrarian enslaved society begins. The dividing up of the Assets of the USA will happen. The families of current and former duly elected political leaders will have already negotiated their families freedoms and guaranteed the transference of all of their wealth. They sell out the USA by the deception to the Common American people.
The foreign national persons who reside within the former USA. Will have greater guarantees, freedoms and wealth  over the now enslaved non peoples who were citizens of the former USA.
This may begin the cultural and race wars. The war of differences.
The Human Genome Project proves that all of humanity is of one race. That 99.9% of all of our DNA is identical. Racism is a lie and a deception.
All human created bad and sad prophecies not matter who spoke the words. Can absolutely be changed, altered, mitigated and stopped. The key to stopping all bad and sad prophecies is if everyone begins to Love one another, Live in peace with their brothers and sisters, exist in harmony with all and celebrate all life.

Will be included in future volumes of  "Musings of an American Truck Driver"