Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Religions Threat: (Unedited): 05 Aug 2012

The most dangerous threat to the power and authority to any religion. Is when the common people dedicate silent private time in the listening to their Heavenly Father. C.J.MacKechnie
Bypassing the authority of the priests and Imams, fathers and clerics, Rabi and preachers. The common person can have direct access to GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. Religions Threats and fears are contrary to the path of righteousness and holiness. Negative inspirations and incentives cannot equate to a positive sense of right living. Threats and fears are useful motivational tactics for the slave. It is apparent that GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER does not want us to be slaves. If we are to have been slaves. Then there would have been immediate actions of discipline for every sin that every man had acted out or even thought.
1). Prayer is you talking to GOD.
2). Meditation to GOD is you listening to GOD
3). Worshiping GOD is you singing and dancing to GOD.
4). Your intention and attention while praying , meditating and worshiping GOD is the strength behind the occurrence.
5). The feeling of genuine love is the power behind your entire prayer process. 
6). Quiet time in contemplation of the outcome of your prayer, mediation and worshiping. This is where you the common individual is figuring out the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of any messages which may have been given to you. These messages will be of a personal nature just for you.

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