Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saving America: Saving The World: (Unedited): 15 Aug 2012

The saving of the United States of America and the world can only happen when the following steps are done by the common people of America and the world.

1). Flee from sin and a sinful life. By your own choice. Not because of guilt, threats and rejection/acceptance placed upon you from any religions. By freely choosing to live a holy and righteous life. GOD will see the intentions of your spirit, mind and heart. GOD will protect and bless each of you individually. Just has he had done with Noah's family and the Jews with Moses.

2). By your own free choice and chosen self determined willingness. You must begin to incorporate a life history of the fullness of prayer. Which is:
                          A). Praying is you talk to GOD.
                          B). Meditating is you listening to GOD.
                          C). Worshiping GOD is you Praising GOD.
                          D). You intentions and attentions focused 
                                 upon GOD.
                          E). Time for quiet contemplation.
                          F). Then Repeat as desired.

2A). The Success of the fullness of prayer. Is solely dependent on you. Your ability to reject sin. Your ability to love, to forgive, to protect those innocents, To show kindness, to show friendship and etc. 

2B). Within a short period of time. GOD will begin to speak to you personally. In the form of audible communications, dreams, visions which is directly geared to you and to his goals and plans for your life. For your world.

2C). As defined by only GOD. All of the miracles performed by all of the prophets of humanities past. It matters not the prophets acceptance or rejection by this religion or that one. All of those miracles will be opened up to you. Again, as what is defined by GOD for you and not by me. 

3). In time it will be revealed to you from GOD The sad condition of all things. Which will be followed by your empowerment to make fundamental changes in your personal world. These fundamental changes at the most common level to the most common of people is where the world begins to change in the direction in accordance to GOD. Only this can save America and the world. 

4). All political offices at every level must be held by men and women of faith and belief. By men and women who are righteous and free of sin. By men and women who have an active prayer life as described above. By men and women who do not seek selfish wants and desires. By men and women who want what is best for their nation and the whole of the world. This must be done as soon as possible. Then maintained. 

5). You are the common men and women who become Gods new holy leadership. political, religious and cultural corruption will end. You the new righteous and holy men and women of GOD. Will instantly see the outward lies and deceptions as well as hidden truths and secrets. 

WARNING: If the common men and women of the world continue to fight wars for the evil leadership over this entire planet. All of the doom and gloom, all of the bad and sad, all of the death and destruction as spoken by all of the prophets of humanities past and present will happen. 5 Billion people on this planet will die horrible deaths. These are the threats and warnings from the prophets of old and new. I do not believe that GOD wants us to be slaves or wants to force HIS absolute will upon us. If that were his intention. I would have been struck down by lightning a thousand million times. The smoke would still be flowing out of my ears as i type. It is more important for humanities evolution to see the logic of the laws as given by GOD. To intellectually see how the laws promotes and maintains all life. Then to take the information and freely choose to follow those laws which was created to govern life, to grow life, to spread life, to evolve life. One must first to begin to love all life and reject the leaders of the world demands and teachings upon you. That you must kill and destroy their defined enemy.
Remember: The purpose of prophecy when it is undesirable is to mitigate or prevent all of them. The purpose of prophecy when it is desirable is to make it happen. When agreed upon by the whole of the people. There are many levels to prophecy. The individual, the family, the city, the culture, the religious, the national, the region and the world.  
The oneness of the One true Being. GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER or however you name the one being is HE who is the one. NO Insult intended. Just that GOD is to me as ALLAH may be to you and GRANDFATHER is to the North American Native. GOD speaks to us in accordance to each of our unique understandings. 
To live or to die? Is your choice as is mine. GOD wants us to live. Which is why we live here and now. We each must escape the old ways of thinking. Such as race. We are all one human race and not races based on the tone of each of our exterior organ.  If we do not judge a man on the condition or status of other physical organ then it is not logical to judge a man on the tone of their skin. Do you judge a human on their tonsils or spleen? appendix or kidneys? No you do not. This is the same argument. A organ of the body is not an indication or definition of race. 
So do you want your children and grandchildren to live or die? Do you want your off spring to grow up just to die in warfare or to kill his brother whom some leader has declared an enemy? Who do you think always profits from any warfare? It is not the common man. It is not the mother, wife or daughter who has lost their loved ones in angered fight of every leaders lies and deceptions. It is they who profits the most not you. 
GOD sent Jesus to teach us to Love one another. Allah sent Mohammad with a message of peace. Grandfather sent the medicine men/women and shaman to teach their messages of harmony. So it is with the other great and good wisdom's from all over the world. All that which is truly good is from GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER. It matters not who spoke it or wrote it. The messages cannot in any way disagree with any aspect of Love, Peace, harmony and Life. 
So as humanity as one human family upon this Earth, do we live or become extinct? Hate, war, chaos and death always leads to someones extinction. Someone does not have to die. The brother and sister whom you have known your entire life. It would rip your heart apart to know that their death was a violent one. To point your guns and swing your swords upon a declared enemy whom an elite ruler has ordered. That man is your brother whom you are about to murder. This same man believes he is the good guy. Just as you believe you are the good guy. The deceptions and lies you believe is the fault of your leaders who have taught you this wrong. Love your brother, be at peace with your brother, live in harmony with your brother and then we all shall live.