Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do Something: (Unedited): 03 April 2008:

All of the words that you speak within your entire life can fit inside of a small jewelry box. If you do one great thing in your entire life every person on this planet may learn of it and remember it for generations.
C.J. MacKechnie
This is about the comparison of speaking and doing. You can speak great things throughout your entire life and all of the contents of your voice will fit inside of a small spiritual jewelry box. Where as if you do one great thing. People will remember that for generations. 
When you open up the little jewelry box to discover the brilliant golden metal and the stunning stones within. All that you have ever spoke will have the appearance of empty air, but your actual deeds will appear as something either very precious or very ugly. The ugliness within your spiritual jewelry box are those things which you had done which caused harm, torment, death and suffering.
This is also the same for those very charismatic preachers, speakers and teachers. it matters not which or what religion. This is also the same for you.
When you speak the words of a wise righteous person. Then your spiritual jewelry box shall be illuminated and clear when opened. When you speak with evil or harsh intentions. Then when you open your spiritual jewelry box. There shall be a cloudy, cold darkness within.  To a such a degree. that you want to hide it and forget it forever. But, you cannot because your spirit is the jewelry box.

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