Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Bird: (Unedited): 19 April 2010:

The caged jail bird can be more free than the human owner who is locked within his own home. 
While in Foster care. I just needed to be free. Free from the foster care abuses. Free from the abuses from my adoptive parents. Free from being unwanted and unloved. Free from being deemed a waste of effort from the free educational system. Free from Ritalin and Cylert. Free from any mind altering contaminant. Free from being labeled a bad man.
I've studied all aspects of ADD/ADHD as well as the old medical terminology of Hyper-Kinetic. There is absolutely to physical proof that this disability exists. There is absolutely to medical test proving the existence of the disabilities. The scientists who search for a sign of a problem will accept anything. Even a diminished blood flow through certain parts of the brain. While never even thinking or considering of an increase in efficiency of the brain. A brain which thinks faster than normal or average brains is not a possible indication of a disability. On the contrary a faster brain process may be an indication of continuous incremental evolution. 
Free Bird. Gotta love it. There was much feeling I felt when listening to this song. This is the good long version.
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