Saturday, September 8, 2012

Human Animal: (Unedited): 19 April 2010:

The caged and entrapped human may become a dehumanized animal. C.J.MacKechnie 
It matters not if you have been Imprisoned, Alone, Forgotten and abandoned. You may become a dehumanized animal. It matters not if you have endured much time of severe abuse and torture. You may become a dehumanized animal. There is always hope for you and within you. Even though the word hope may have been long forgotten or is an alien concept to you. The feral De-humanistic animal in which you have become is what was needed for you to survive your horrors. Once in the place of safety. Once in the environment of love, peace, harmony and life. You can now remember who you are supposed to be. Who you were supposed to become. You can now remember that you are more than an Earth animal.
Even if right at this very moment your in a prison or a cage. You do not have to become the animal the prison keepers think you are. If you are that animal. You do not have to be anymore. Search for your own spirit. Reach for that pure and holy light deep within you. That is where you will find your peace, your love, your belonging, your joy and the forgiveness of your Heavenly Father to be.
 From the depth of you. You must endure the full memory and emotion of all of your evil. From there a hard and true wisdom will grow. The kind of wisdom that incinerates the old you. Leaving behind an empty lifeless shell. This too must happen. Now begins the birth of the new wise you. A new you which can now live with your memories and a full knowledge of the terrible emotional damage you have caused. Yes, you are guilty. Yes, You must admit to all of your crimes. Yes, You are forgiven.
Now is your time to become the wise teacher. To become the soft humble destroyer or hardened prideful hearts. This is your repayment. This is your duty to freely walk the wrong way through the open gates of Hell and point the way for the souls to exit. It was Jesus who burst open the gates to free all of us. There are still those who are so entrapped by guilt that they know not the way.

Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
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