Sunday, September 16, 2012

Subjective Civilization: (Unedited): 17 May 2010:

The subjective definition of all laws, intentions and morality. Will become the single greatest destructive force within any civilization. C.J.MacKechnie 

  It is basically about how right and wrong or good and evil is defined by each individual. How each is defined by the individual is the supreme law. Every other person must accept what he/she defines that which is good and right for them. If that person does not accept his/her definition. Then they are deemed anti-social or discriminatory. Thus evil themselves. It matters not if the person has dedicated themselves to a life of genuine service.
This thought process will even become a right for those actions of theft. The have not steels from those who have. Is it not right for the have not to have? The person who has no love then takes love from another person. Simply because it is right for them. Can you see the progression of this insanity? I can. I am a person who having been abused and tortured in my childhood. What would be my right as defined by me? Since, the important things were never given to me by loving and caring people. So, I have my permission to take from loving and caring people? Of course not. But, how often are those excuses used? The jails and prisons are filled with people who wrongly thought that they were somehow justified in doing their crimes. Sin is sin and is wrong as taught by GOD/ALLAH/ GRANDFATHER.
Even insanity can be progressive.
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