Sunday, September 16, 2012

Control Mind: (Unedited): 17 May 2010:

The control and discipline of one's own mind is crucial to a healthy self sustaining existence. C.J.MacKechnie 
Impulsiveness is a cursed rope which binds you to unnecessary undesirable fates.(Sounds like a quote).
If you do not have control and discipline over your own mind. The GOD/ALLAH/ GRANDFATHER given gifts received will become like never ending curses. You must know GOD/ALLAH/ GRANDFATHER gives gifts to only those whom HE loves. It is the receiver who must willingly meditate to their HEAVENLY FATHER for the continued lessons and skills to be learned.
A smart person who having received a cool gift from another human. Will read the instruction manual and dedicate much time and care in learning the skills to master a way cool gift. So, it should be the same with all of the *Spiritual, Knowledgeable, Physical, Mental, Healing, Heart, Intellectual gifts.
When your nature, your religion, your culture sees divine gifts as something which is rare, illusive and unseen in today's human world. The gifts given to you may only remain as unrealized potential. Their is and always will be requirements of the individual who has been given gifts. Even if those gifts remain unknown and unrealized within the gifted persons being. There is humility, responsibility and respect which must be honored. Especially, If the gifts of service. Because, Just as a person can  freely choose or reject any gift. So, to can the person of need freely reject the gifted persons gift of service. Even if it may be the gift of life saving healing.

* Limited list of gifts given from GOD/ALLAH/GRANDFATHER* My list given is not intended to be all encompassing
Will be included in future volumes of “Musings of an American Truck Driver”:
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