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Conquered warrior: (Unedited): 11 Dec 2011:

Before any warrior goes off into their first battle or war. The warrior must first conquer themselves, their weaknesses, their faults, their short comings, their morality issues and their sins. 
 As inspired from Babita Norang Kochar.
Updated on 18 June 2016:
A warrior or a person who conquers all of their weaknesses, faults, short comings, morality issues and their sins. Cannot be defeated. The enemy within you and the enemy who is not you will use all of your negative issues against you. In order for you to either become self defeating or become a defeated foe.
This is why you must strive to always conquer all of the weaknesses within your whole being. Weakness of the spirit, mind, body and heart.
There is a quote which many know while attending the gym of their choice.
"Pain is weakness leaving your body."
This seems like a half truth. Because some pain is not good. For instance when you over do it and cause damage to one of your joints or actually shred a muscle. It doesn't feel good to exercise and it is also stupid to excessively work out your body to the point where you actually hurt yourself. So, the brain must always be engaged in what ever strenuous activity you are doing.
Through exercising the spirit, mind, body and heart with a focus on balance. The whole you will see equal growth throughout your entire life. This is important.
I have met people who are very gifted athletes. Even one receiving invitations from colleges to play a football. And yet, he ignored them and decided to instead go play in the streets to be forever poor. What led up to this run away from a better life. The decision not to receive a free basic education. This young man is off balance. The gifted athlete who does not grow their mind cannot get to that next level.  Most likely because of the pressures of the poor black culture of the "hood". Which sees education of a black person as trying to be white. Ridicule always follows the poor black person who has been gifted with a brilliant mind. To keep their educational exploits absolutely secret. Even from their own parents and siblings.
So a young person needs balance of education and of their chosen athletics. The rest is often forgotten. Except when playing your sport you endure and conquer the difficulties which are before you. Then you shall be seen to have heart. I have seen this kind of person as well. A rich kid who has everything to easily grow their mind and to grow their athletics. Yet, does not seem to care at all.
I have seen this in a swimmer. This young man just wins, wins and wins. Yet, never had the heart to do those very necessary things to get to that next level. He always pretended injury. I even saw him with a walker once. Yet, outside of his swimming relationships. He was very OK. No more obvious injury. He could have been on par with a Phelps level of swimmer. It doesn't matter. He will go to college, have a car, have an apartment and extra money.  Will he even finish college? He has the rich parents. Maybe, even generational wealth. I have no idea.
Yet, I know of a young lady who is now in college. A state winning swimmer with rich intact parents. Their awesome looking Jeep is worth more than all I have in worldly wealth. (Not a negative comment). She seems to have that balance of education, athletics, heart and spirit. In spite of racism seen at the competition pools. A lonely conquest which became a family endeavor. No matter what go forward. Especially, when surrounded by your family. That is even a lesson for the young.

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