Friday, October 12, 2012

Masters Lies: (Unedited): 01 Dec 2011:

The teachings from the masters of lies and deceptions will be believed by their faithful and unquestioning followers. While those who fiercely believe will loyally commit everything to their masters cause without hesitation. C.J.MacKechnie
 It is interesting how lies and deceptions are believed as truths by those people who do not question authority respectfully. I would suppose to guarantee ones position of wealth, power and authority, That person would not would not want some common unimportant person to ask questions. After all it might be considered dis-respectful or dishonorable. Interesting creation of a cultural tradition. All which only benefits those with power, wealth and authority. While having zero benefit for the common unimportant person who has zero wealth, power and authority.
 I guess you could argue that if every common person began to question every word which comes forth from a person with wealth, Power and authority, Nothing would ever get accomplished.
That is another lie and deception, meant only to re-enforce the false tradition of not questioning a persons plans or ideas or even a new way of thinking.
 Question everything and question it often. 
If a person in authority belittles you for questioning them. Then end their wealth, power and authority. Without violence, without death, without destruction.
The power of the common masses is more powerful than any singular man who claims authority, power, wealth. It is only the common people who guarantees the power, wealth and authority of a single man. The power of a singular leader is made up of common every day people. If the common everyday people refuses to follow a man who lies and deceives. Then they refuse to follow Satan.

Woe is the follower who believes a lie and deception as a truth with all of their being. Only to discover they have only been used. If you become awakened to the whole truth. Do not take any aggressive action based in a new found hatred.

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