Friday, October 12, 2012

Tiger Without: (Unedited) 14 Nov 2011:

A paper tigers roar is without authority, power and teeth. C.J.MacKechnie
No matter what you do in life. Even if you have kept all of your cheating secret. Everyone will still know you as a paper tiger. You will lose your jobs because the supervisors will soon discover all that you are lacking in training, education, intelligence, Honor and integrity.
Your only safety net is working for your own family. Even that will only last so long. Because, you will eventually cause the loss of more money than you are worth. Your own family may even want to pay to to do other things. A effective cost saving measure as defined by your own elders.
 It is crucial for those genuine leaders, who are in positions of responsibility and authority to have a direct relationship with those who are the meat and bone of your work force. You must have that free and open door to them. So, when you hire that great and wonderful your management person. You need those key personnel to let you know. Your new young manager or even the middle aged person is a paper tiger. A new manager who causes you to lose key personnel will do such great harm to your company. That you may not be able to overcome. Even if you can save many dollars in wage/benefits.