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Neither Zero: (Unedited): 21 Dec 2011:

Zero resides in that place which is neither positive or negative.
 This is also a place and a non-place. Where all of the logical supporting mathematical structure exists for all of the real and not real universe and universes. Do you get this. Because it is all flowing with stagnancy and frozen with movement. All at the same time. Weird. Then it responds and not responds to your intellectual attention.
Random Note form of thinking. I may edit and add and delete as i think more on it. Which may take years. 
The word use of zero is that something which I cannot perceive as something to be. So out of the nothingness of my own mind. I call it zero. A common thing, place, state in which all is expressed into something from that we/I can only perceive as nothing..
Added on 25 Oct 2015: Zero Point notes.
The energy release of sub-atomic level objects may/will have enough luminosity to be faintly reflected by zero point structures. Which may be seen. Originally declared of some kind of anomalous artifact/errors within the sensing equipment. It will be disregarded for a time. The distorted images will need to be stabilized with an eye in regards to time.
Since all things are intellectual representations of the zero point structure. All of the information is in constant, ebbs and movements. While the zero point structure is unmoving and is unaltered by any time related artifacts.
For Instance:
The Earth rotates on an axis at it's own speed. The Earth revolves around it's own central star at it's own speed. The solar system revolves in a descending orbit around a black hole powered galaxy. The galaxy moves and is influenced by another galaxy in which they are both moving in their respective mutually confused directions within specific ebbs and flows of the unknown and not discerned dark matter fluid state. What ever that is. Which may just be unintelligenialized matter. or matter without specific energies of specific frequencies or intelligence.
So every zero point structure only appears to be speeding by all that there is represented. Never to be seen again. In fact it is us which is speeding by the motionless zero point structures.
All the while the zero point structures remain motionless, timeless, matter-less, gravity-less, and many other lesses that I know not about. Except for apparent contractions and stretchings of every individual zero point.
Since all things are representations of the perfect dimensional math of all zero points. The power which can be tapped into may not be available as mentioned in many different science fiction shows like Star-Gate SG1. Because to tap into and take something out of it changes all of the math and zero will no longer be an answer. So, I do not think there is infinite power available.
Stretching and compressablity is a capability of the zero point structure. This occurs in all dimensions, possibilities and times. Every zero point is interconnected with every other zero point any where, every where, every dimension, every times.
Everything perceived within this dimension of what we call space time is a fluid and flowing expression of intelligent information.
A certain energetic particle which encounters an energetic wave in which the certain particle shares zero/no" energetic or vibratory identity/relationship with. Both the wave and particle will act as if nothing was encountered. If that singular particle was associated with it's own wave. Then the two distinctly different waves would simply pass through one another without every having any kind of reaction.
Added on 26 Oct 2015: Zero Math Time Notes:
The formula for linear time must be fluid within all things. Time can be both compressed and stretched.Which may feel like within the human mind as time has been quickened or slowed. Of which those perceptions may also be a simple bored or excited mind.
A generalized time related formula should/must be included in every other formula. The passage of linear time can be perceived by living beings. In the form of growth, age and antiquity.
The mathematical representations of time must of should be incorporated within every 2 dimensional formula. Which is to be merged with other directly related formulas. Within a certain exact space.
Everything which has a specific motive force in a defined direction. Shall have both a forward pressure front and a receding negative pressure wake.
The connectivity of all math formulas must evolve out of flat two dimensional representations and into multi-dimensional representations which is fluid in time.
Every known and unknown formula shall be interconnected in a mutually agreed point in exact space. in which the absolute answer should always be zero.
The human mind cannot quantify the finite number of zero points in all of dimensional space. For there is a very specific point for every dimension. Within 1 square inch of space can be A number infinitely greater than the grains of minute sand in a great desert.
The interconnected formulas remain unmoved. While the quantifiable intelligent information is what moves.
Just as a star continuously emits an incalculable number of photons of light every microsecond. So to is the similarities as to the number of math formulas connected to every single point in any dimensional space.
The variables within every single math formula which are all connected to the structure of zero point foundation. Shall always be in agreement and equal to zero.
As quickly as all of the individual photons of light exits the star. So do the variables change. This can be seen as waves within every individual formula.
Every star in it's own vastness. is very similar to the mathematical singular point of zero. Where as every photon of light is an individual mathematical formula.
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