Friday, October 12, 2012

Plateaus Sins: (Unedited): 24 Nov 2011

The plateaus you experience. Will always be related to your sin. 
 Sin is a universal religious description. It matters not if you believe that we are just earth animals with a limited life span. It matters not if yo do not believe in anything else encompassed by anything super natural. Your plateau in whatever your area of interest is caused by your sin as defined by the popular religions. Repeating myself on purpose. It doesn't matter what you believe. It still is. C.J.MacKechnie

Look into that which distracts you from your intended purpose. Do you find entertainment in digital warfare where murders and destruction are fun and relaxing for you. Can you not see there is something wrong with that.
Hiding in secret and watching that which you watch. Deeply hoping you won't be discovered. Because, if your discovered all that which is good can be instantly destroyed. Having those private conversations with that other person whom you should not be having. Is it really worth risking the sanity of your spouse and ruining the lives of your children?
Your secret sins are not a wise expression of your life and will destroy all that is good with you and destroy those who are good who surround you. When your sins are discovered you will be absent of any good. From, that emptiness awaiting anything to fill in your own created void. Maybe, with more darkness, more selfish uncontrolled desires.
Your separation from accepted morality traditions and legal clauses. Will leave you without a profession, wealth and stability.

If your one of those who continually seek personal development in which ever area you choose. Your sin is still sin, in spite of what ever you may believe. Your sin may even impede your growth. If you choose sin over evolving yourself. You will only be harmed in some way. Your greatest impediment in life can be your wrong choices made or even the choices from any culture who says a lifestyle is correct for you. Growth and development within the spirit is very rigid. 
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