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Pinnacle Conquered: (Unedited): 17 Dec 2011:

Before you can attain the pinnacle of any mountain top. You must first conquer its base. C.J.MacKechnie
 The pinnacle of any mountain in your life, Dreams or goals, must begin with you conquering their bases. What this means is the base of any mountain  and every foot in elevation to be gained must be conquered. In mountain climbing you cannot go up until you actually go up. I know this seems very basic. Stay with this thought. In other words before you can become the boss of that super important organization of your dreams. What must happen first? What must you accomplish first? What must you excel at first? Think backwards or downwards from that imaginary mountain peak in your dreams and goals in life. Then when at the bottom or base of your imaginary mountain. Looking up you will now see those required steps which must be taken to get to the peak of your mountain.

For most people what does this mean? You would have to ask this individually to the person and their selected area interest. Assuming the individual person has the freedom to choose. No matter your state in life. Whether it be a enslaved person or a person with zero wealth. Your only key to freedom and wealth is education. The more education, the more freedom and wealth will be available for you to select. My word usage of wealth is not only finances but also family wealth (Spouse and Children) and a persons ability to live the life of their desired choosing.
The basic and foundational aspects of education is necessary to begin climbing the mountain of your dreams and goals. The better you are able to achieve the best educational foundation. The better you will be able to navigate up your mountain. This is the same as learning how to use the necessary tools of mountain climbing. If you omit the use of Crampons, Simply because you don't like them, they are boring, you could get cut by them, you will never really use it in life or your teachers were just awful at teaching. This excuse of easy mental thinking will become a impassable crevice to the peak of your desired mountain. A point of discovery which will not be seen until you approach it. The discovery of your crevice will usually happen just when the peak can be clearly seen by you. Your excitement is greatly elevated and then there it is an ice wall with a crevice. A surprise upon a surprise which makes your journey come to a sudden stop. Simply because of a long forgotten skill in which you choose not to learn. Learning Algebra is like this. Yet, the importance of advanced mathematics is crucial in the modern era of life. Algebra is more than learning formulas. Algebra teaches a beginning logical way of thinking. Which must be learned to get to the more advanced ways of logical thinking. Like geometry, calculus, Trigonometry and more advanced math. For you to hear any math teach proclaim to you that you will never use any advanced math in your life is actually convicting you to perpetual enslavement. This is a fundamental truth. You cannot enslave an educated person. An educated person will always want to lead a rebellion. Really..... Where there are slaves, There are laws preventing education.
If you belong in a society where your poor and of that lower class which may not even be considered human. Learn all you can. Learn everything you can. Ask Questions. Always ask questions.
What shall you learn in this modern era of life. All of the basic fundamentals. Then grow each area equally in order to maintain a balance.
The old adage of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is all you need to know. In the modern society This is an incomplete way of thinking.
1) Reading is replaced by your ability to take in information. Such as reading, audible, visual, Hands on, Computer and any other new technology which is developed.
2) Writing is replaced by your ability to communicate to the world. Such as writing, Verbal skills to include multiple languages, Your ability to use computers and other forms of technology as they become developed.  
3) Arithmetic does not end with the basic understanding up to fractions and decimals. One now must include all of algebra, trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus. This also includes the newer advanced methods of doing the math in practice. Learning about math is not just about boring formulas it is about logical thinking.
4) Critical thinking skills. Is ones ability to root out the truth, deceptions, lies and incomplete content through logical and concise thinking. Critical thinking must not be subjective in nature.  
5) The sciences. A basic understanding of each of them.
6) History. Family history, your local history, national history and world history. With an emphasis on why? people did as they did. No matter how ugly the truth. All History must not be ignored or omitted. No matter who won or lost. Question all history and discover the lessons learned.
7) The pursuit in whole of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding should be a thought in the forefront of every ones thinking.
***It must be considered that a 4 year college degree which qualifies you to be gainfully employed is the new definition for  a minimum education as once was thought of for a high school diploma.****
To receive a greater consideration for better quality entry jobs. The newly educated person should consider multiple related college degrees for specific job areas. 1) Such as math, business and Accounting. 2) Such as Electrical engineering, Computer science and Mechanical engineering. You get this point.
If your a hands on kind of person. A 4 year college degree from a real State run University along with a technical degree for Welding, various mechanics and etc.
I do not advise going to any commercial for profit so called colleges or universities where any credit hours obtained or college degrees earned is not accepted by the main stream Universities. This is your warning. Don't travel that road. Yes, You learn and gain new skills. When and if you decide to advance your education. You will start at ZERO DEGREES AND ZERO CREDITS. Remember, the above comment where I said education is now life long. There is no ending to official education. Especially if you want continual advancement and income.
What is learned from this ongoing economic depression. Is those unemployed persons who did not choose to continue to advance or update their education. Will remain unemployed or under employed forever.

Keeping your focus on this list of 7 things (Incomplete List). The pinnacle of your mountain can be achieved. From that peak, you can look out into the whole of the world. To find another mountain peak to conquer. Always, Know it is OK to begin at the base of that mountain. In which you can continue up the new mountain without stopping or delay until you reach that base camp where you should learn and conquer new things. Then continue upward to the next base camp or onto the peak. From the top of this new mountain. You can then again witness all that you may and see that greater peak in the distance. Which you must travel back down and journey to the next. Become excited at what needs to be learned at that new base camp. Repeat.

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