Friday, October 26, 2012

Creating Advantage: (Unedited):?? Dec 2011: ????

Creating a distinct advantage for yourself. May always be the one thing that could set you above the other people.
 So, if one distinct advantage could do that. What about more distinct advantages? Which is above and beyond a standard or basic education, Beyond a basic or even professional skill or talent. An inherent gift which is grown and evolved by you.
Unless of course a standard and basic education like in the USA is below the current standard of what the world has set. Then your life begins with a distinct dis-advantage and your not even aware of it. Especially in this one world economy.
Even if you are celebrated as an educational hero. If your level of educational is still lower than the rest of the world. Then your educational accolades is a deception.
You need to be aware of the world around you. You need to be aware of all of the competition you have for the best jobs. You must know who you are competing with for those select jobs. You must put into practice the similar efforts by those in countries like India and China. Except in a smart way in accordance to your own specific gifts, learning styles and traits. While in China and India has superior numbers of people being highly educated. Your secret ace in the hole is locked away in your own natural gifts, talents and skills. This is where you will find your own self defined success when education is equal. Continually evolve your gifts, talents, skills and traits.
If you makes these efforts by your own desire and will. You will be better off than those children and young people who have only been forced to learn from their own family and Country. Choose freely to evolve your education, your gifts, your talents and your skills. Know them all. Then find the common balance in their collective development.   
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