Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get your hanky ready.
The National Problem with the Foster care system would end when 500,000 good Christian families become foster parents. If that were to happen. The national crime rates and gang populations would go down steadily.
This is not a problem in a few states. It is with every state in the USA and the world.
The pharmacology used against children is in itself a hells prison.
Even if you cant be a foster parent or even an adoptive parent. Mentor a foster kid and not treat them like they will be the Future Criminals of America (FCA). Kids tend to become what you expect of them to be.
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I was born to an unwed mother in 1965 Arizona. Before, I was born,. The birth father wanted my birth mother to go get the problem fixed. In which about a 45 minute drive south across the border and the problem would be solved.
I spent 5 months in the Arizona foster care system. Where I endured some kind of abuse. I assume it is related to the 20/900+ eye sight I had.
Then I was adopted by what appeared to be the perfect family.

I'll write more later. It late tonight.