Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Involved: (Unedited): WORD WARNING: ADULT CONTENT: 20 Jan 2013

You will always bring home the excrement of the world, when you involve yourself in it. C.J.MacKechnie
When you involve yourself in the crimes of the world. What do you really think is gonna happen? This is what will happen. Your friends and family who are unaware of your crime will become victims. Innocent people who don't even know you will become victims of your crime. Then lastly, you become a victim of your crime either by severe disability, prison or death. You are not going to win in crime. You are not some untouchable pirate slash Robin Hood. Assuming you plan on sharing your wealth.
When you do crime from your own neighborhood. You involve your whole family. It doesn't matter if they know or not. Your secret life of crime will get them killed. Even if you do your best to conduct all of your crime business out of town or out of your neighborhood. The stench of that excrement will follow you home. Just like stepping in dog pooh. You can clean it off of your shoes in the grass and the smell follows you all  of the way home. This happens every single time and will happen to you.
It doesn't matter if you move out of your country. The offensive smell of your crimes will follow you even into the place where you have found peace and quiet.  The safe place to raise your own family. You will have none of it. For you to think so is only a delusion of your own creation.


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